Madhuri Dixit’s Heartfelt Note On Passing Of Her Pet Dog
Thursday , June 13 2024
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Madhuri dixit pet dog

Madhuri Dixit’s Heartfelt Note On Passing Of Her Beloved Pet Dog Riya

Very few people know how big a dog lover Ms. Madhuri Dixit is. So, when the news came out, people were shocked and sent their condolences to her. Madhuri Dixit’s dog named Riya passed away due to cancer. The actress wrote a heartfelt note in grief on social media about her.

Story of Riya

Madhuri, adopted Riya when she was 5 years old. She lived with them for 7 years before she succumbed to death due to progressive cancer. Riya was already suffering from diseased when she was brought home by Madhuri. Her deteriorating health caused her hair to fall out.

Madhuri’s family nursed her back to health and she grew into a beautiful addition to the family. She was more than family to them which is evident in the pictures shared by the actress.

The heartfelt note

Madhuri Dixit Nene wrote a heartfelt note in grief. She shared a video of some of her cherished memories with Riya.

“My dearest Riya, as we said Goodbye to you this week, it brings back so many memories of the first day when we rescued you and brought you home. You were skinny and your hair was falling out but the spark in your eyes and innocence on your face made me fall in love with you instantly. Now, 7 years later all I can remember is your tiny little paws, mischievous eyes and how you filled our lives with so much joy. Thank you for your unconditional love. I pray that you are happy and in peace now. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and our family will forever remain incomplete without you”, the Dhak Dhak girl wrote while sharing the emotional video.

Reference: India Tv

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