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stray dogs burned alive

Inhuman Act | 50 Stray Dogs Burned Alive

Chennai: More then 50 stray dogs burned alive at Keezhamur village near Chennai. According to Police investigation, the stray dogs were sedated with food laced with pesticides. Police said a few villagers killed the dogs which allegedly attacked herds of sheep and goat.

 Stray Dog Burnt Alive

How the “stray dogs burned alive” incident came to light

This (stray dogs burned alive) incident came to light when villagers informed an animal activist, P Aswath, who uncovered the tragedy four days later. Based on Aswath’s complaint, the Melmaruvathur police registered a case and booked – Murali, Muthu, Murugadoss and Jeeva of the village in this connection.

After  investigation, Police said that  the villagers claimed that when they were grazing, a few stray dogs injured some of their sheep and goats. Some of the injured cattle died due to dog bites later. But according to Aswath there were no traces of sheep and goat maimed or injured in a dog attack.

He said “When I approached the village Panchayat president and vice-president, they denied the killings. But I have evidence to prove that more than 50 dogs were killed in the village,” he said.

Aswath said that the Melmaruvathur police did not take him seriously at first and they were seemed to support the version of the villagers. He also said that the stray dogs were poisoned and doused with kerosene before being set on fire.  He also saw the half-burnt corpses which were half decomposed. He collected the bodies and burnt them completely for his peace of mind.

Source : The Times Of India


Video credit: NDTV

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