Indie Dogs Shine At The Great Indian Dog Show 2019
Thursday , June 13 2024
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Indie Dogs Shine At The Great Indian Dog Show 2019 In Chennai

Indie dogs are incredibly loyal and protective of their owners. They are resilient and low-maintenance which makes them excellent guard dogs. However, they have been given a pariah status when we talk about indie pets. With a few cases of aggression and territorial display, causes these mongrels to have a bad name and get them killed by people.

There are some amazing Indie enthusiasts and animal welfare activists in Chennai who love these indie dogs unconditionally. At the recent Great Indian Dog Show event in Chennai, these Indie dogs stole the show and shined as showstoppers. They were the public favorite and received a lot of belly rubs, cuddles, and coos.

Dr. R Siva, a chief veterinarian from an NGO said,

“The idea behind these kinds of events is also to encourage people to adopt Indian dogs rather than buying pedigree dogs.”

Actress Aditi Balan said,

“I came last year for The Great Indian Dog Show. I am here this year as well. I think it’s going to be a yearly affair for me. I just have one thing to say. We have a lot of dogs on our streets. So, instead of buying, adopt dogs. Here, it is good to see many people, who adopt our street dogs instead of buying pedigree dogs. I take care of dogs in our area.”

Dr. Siva added that pedigree dogs are just a matter of status for many. They aren’t fit to survive harsh Indian climatic conditions. And when people see the dogs suffering and not able to handle them, they abandon these pedigree dogs on the streets.

It is the problem with the mindset of the people and lack of care and empathy in them. They treat dogs as objects and not living beings.

Dr. Nandita, who is a dog trainer for pet therapy believes that it is wrong for people to assume that only pedigree dogs can be trained as service or therapy dogs. According to her many street dogs have turned out to be excellent therapy dogs. She says,

“Tulsi, a mongrel, is the one that I send as a doctor dog to work with special children at Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre for Children. She works with kids for about an hour every day. One important thing is that the doctor dog has to be in the pink of health and willing to do it. We know from the characteristics of a dog if it is fit to be a doctor dog. Children will do all sorts of things to the dog. Suddenly, they’ll smother the dog, with love, but the dog may not like it. That’s why we need to check the dog’s temperament. Tulsi dislikes dogs, but she’s happy around people. I had another mongrel earlier which was a doctor dog.”

The Great Indian Dog Show 2019, in Pictures

Image source: chennaisonline

App launched to promote Indie rescue and adoption

An indie rescue and adoption app is being built for the Blue Cross of India (BCI)

“Through the android app, the users will be able to access BCI’s adoption database remotely. They can view photos of each animal as well as its age, name, reference number and details of of its temperament and then fix up an appointment to visit the shelter and meet the animal,” said Vivek Venkatraman, BCI volunteer coordinator.

More information to be available soon about the app at

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