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Thursday , May 30 2024
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How to solve a dog’s phobia due to thunderstorm

Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety Treatment

If you are a dog owner, you must be accustomed to your dog’s storm phobia. Dogs are so stressed and scared of the sound of a thunderstorm that they sometimes even tremble due to fear or anxiety. There are a few tips and tricks to accustom them to the situation.

If your dog shows signs of high stress and tries to jump on the wall or break the door to escape, these tips will be useless. Hence, it would be better to consult a behaviorist regarding storm phobia.

The situation consists of sounds, vibration, darkening, light flashing, quick movement of people, electric charge development, and humidity. Dogs can sense all these things that make them worried and confused. The following tips can help you resolve mild to moderate storm anxiety issues.

Tips to Calm Noise and Storm Phobias in Dogs

1. Early arbitration

It is better to resolve the situation at the early stage of life. The more time passes, the more they are anxious about the storm. Every season, the storm makes the situation worse. For early resolution, you need to understand the symptom of the stress developed by the storm.

Some common symptoms are trying to hide, pacing, lips licking, panting, drooling, shaking, yawning, growling, barking, taking safe shelter from the owner, and trying to accustom himself to a short area. You can make the dog understand that it should not be anxious about these situations. Teaching them will help. But start at an early age.

2. Assurance

Assure your dog when he feels anxious or scared due to a storm. But remember, assurance and pampering are two different things. The second one may make the situation ugly or worst. So, always assure your dog as if nothing happened.

Signal to them nothing happens; allow them to sit closer to you to feel safe, divert their mind with some toy and talk to them coolly. A loud voice of assurance won’t work this time. Behave in the usual way in front of the dog.

3. Allow hiding

Allow them to hide below the bed or their crate if a bunker or closed room is available. Provide with such a place. Close all the blinds and windows to stop the flashing light.

You can switch on the room’s bright light at night if lighting is observed even after that. Doing so helps minimize the lightning effect.

4. Noise reduction

Play a movie or video during a storm to divert him from the noise. Switching on a radio or white noise produce works well in this situation.

5. Classical conditioning

storm anxiety issues in dog

Fixing the emotional state of the dog works at an early stage, especially those dogs with mild and moderate phobias. This situation makes them busy with their preferred game, treat, or toy.

Try to use those things that attract them most. Whenever they are stressed, divert their mind to toys and treats. But if these are not for the act of stress, it becomes the worst habit.

6. Wrapping

Use the stress reeling wrap, preferably a tight to their body, which feels them relaxing. But be careful about the tightening; it’s not so tight, and the dog can feel uncomfortable. It should be body-hugging but stretchable. Use sweatshirt shirts and elastic bandages.

7. Electrostatic effect 

Before a storm, static electricity is developed, which we can’t sense, but your dog can. Hence, the dog wants to avoid it. So, if the dog hides under the bed or creates a wrap (the crate with aluminum foil), it can help them reduce the feeling.

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Dog thunderstorm anxiety is a common problem among canines and can significantly impact their well-being. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available that can help manage this condition. These may include behavioral training, medications, pheromone therapy, and natural remedies.

Working closely with a veterinarian to determine a dog’s most effective treatment plan is important. With the right support and care, most dogs with thunderstorm anxiety can lead happy and comfortable lives.

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