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Thursday , May 30 2024
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How to Make your puppy to Sleep Through the Night

How to Help Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

Are your puppies struggling to sleep through the night? Are you frantic about the whine and cries during the night as your pup is restless? The best solution to any such problem is finding the root cause.

Unwell, eating insufficient food, and sleeping more during the daytime are reasons for not sleeping well at night.

Keep reading the blog to unfold ways to combat the issue of training your puppy to sleep through the night.

How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep at Night

Get your puppy activity:

Plan walks, jumps, runs, and exercises for your puppy. An effective way of making your dog sleep at night is by providing the pup with plenty of exercise options. You can check for the weather and then go for long walks, including some time for fetching a ball or playing with toys.

You can also make the most of the balcony or backyard space to let your pet explore physical activities. Swimming and aqua sports are a great addition to indoor activities.

Respect the bowel needs:

Taking your dog for walks and potty needs is a basic essential. However, look for the signs and reasons that might stop your dog from sleeping at night.

You can plan a nighttime walk so that they can empty their bowel before sleeping. The urge to potty can stop them from sleeping and make them restless.  

Dog Bedtime routine is necessary

Bedtime routine is necessary:

Puppies also require a proper bedtime routine, so you must start the timetable early. Always have the same bedtime and not change it every day. A small change of a few minutes is acceptable. But, it is always crucial to maintain time.

Start by feeding your puppy and then taking them for a stroll. Let them empty their bowel then you can take them to their sleep crate/bed.

If your pet is restless, you can try DAP collars and diffusers to calm them. You can also give them a cuddle toy and add an extra blanket in case of colder nights. Playing soothing music also helps. 

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Keep it simple:

Puppies don’t like too many things in their sleeping area. Keep it simple with soft sheets, a blanket, one toy, and minimum light. The more you try to add, the more you would lead to distraction. Try to place their bed near your sleeping area to start. Puppies tend to feel restless and scared sleeping alone. 


Some puppies tend to grab attention by barking and whining at night. The reason is NOTHING but plain attention. Try and ignore this barking and calling unless you feel a need. You can pacify your puppies with soothing talks and tucking them with a toy. 

Setting the dog sleep time

Keep it down:

Respect your puppy’s sleep time, and don’t make the house noisy. Avoid having people during the time, playing loud music and TV, or prefer headphones.

Setting the sleep time is also an essential part of basic dog training. Take this seriously and try to stick to the schedule. A puppy is like a human baby that needs proper rest and sleep. Their tiny bodies are growing and need attention, care, and management.

Hence, sleep is essential for them. It is usual for puppies to sleep all day. However, you must train your pet to sleep through the night. All it takes is proactive training and diligence to achieve your goal.

Most puppies learn to sleep through the nighttime at 16 weeks old. However, you can train your pup to sleep through the night even earlier.

Puppies need around 15 hours of regular sleep. So, as pet parents, you ensure that the growing puppy gets the right amount of sleep every day. Then, you can start with crate training so your puppy finds the safe place they usually prefer.


Helping your puppy to sleep through the night is a crucial part of its development and overall well-being. By establishing a bedtime routine, limiting food and water intake, creating a comfortable sleeping environment, encouraging daytime exercise, offering calming aids, staying consistent, and being patient, you can help your puppy develop healthy sleep habits that will benefit them for years to come.

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