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Thursday , June 13 2024
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How to give your Dog CBD Oil?

How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

It’s no secret that CBD oil offers a wide range of health benefits that are great for pets. Are you considering adding CBD oil to your dog’s health care regimen, but you don’t know how to administer it to your canine?

Since it’s not in a tablet or chewable it’s not like you can just wrap it in their favorite treat. However, administering CBD oil to your pet isn’t as hard as you think.

According to the Cannabislaw report, there are several different ways you can give your dog CBD oil. It’s important to know that each method of consumption doesn’t offer the same level of effectiveness.

For more information on CBD dosage for pets, you can check out this trusted resource site.

1. Put it on a Treat

Put it on a Treat


The easiest way to administer CBD oil to your pet is to simply put it on a treat. This only works for treats that are porous and can soak up the CBD oil. Otherwise, the oil will just slide off the treat before your pet has a chance to eat it.

This method is ideal for small dogs who only require a small dose of CBD oil to reap its benefits. Larger canines typically require higher doses of CBD. There’s but so much CBD oil you can apply to a treat without making a mess.

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2. Apply CBD Oil to the Gumline

Apply CBD Oil to the Gumline

According to experts, dosing CBD oil directly on your pet’s gum line is the most effective way to administer CBD. Like us humans, pets have receptors in their mouths that are ten times more sensitive.

Rubbing a decent amount of CBD oil onto the gum-line or even inside of their cheeks allows for a high absorption rate.

Allowing most of the cannabinoids to miss the digestive tract and liver is essential because most of the CBD compounds will get absorbed rather than metabolized allowing your pet to experience the full benefits of CBD.

3. Make your Cannabinoid-Infused Treats

Make your Cannabinoid-Infused Treats

You can bake tasty CBD treats for your pet. While homemade treats are a great way to ensure that your dog gets his daily dose of cannabinoids, cooking with CBD oil can get tricky if you don’t have any experience.

When baking with CBD oil you will need to keep the temperature at a low setting so that the oil doesn’t evaporate during the baking process.

Besides, since oil and water don’t mix well you should incorporate another oil such as olive oil. That way the CBD oil is evenly distributed.

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4. Add it to their Food

Add it to their Food

If you feed your dog wet food you can add the CBD oil directly to the food with the droplet. Start with a small dose so that your dog can get used to the taste. Give the oil some time to set in before feeding your dog. You can gradually increase the dosage over time.

The absorption rate may be lower when you administer CBD to your pet through this method since the oil will get metabolized and travel through the digestive system. But your furry friend will still get to experience the effects of CBD.

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