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How to get your Dog to Stop Barking?

How to get your Dog to Stop Barking?

While barking is a natural activity for any canine, some breeds bark way too excessively, which can be a matter of concern for owners and neighbors. While there are some dog breeds in India like the German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Bloodhound, etc., that make more noise than others, rarely, there might be real reasons troubling your dog which needs to be addressed if your dog barks too much. Here are some easy methods to identify unusual causes and tips on how to tackle them:

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking?

1. Seeking Attention

This is one of the most common factors for a dog to bark without any justified reason continuously, there’s only one way of tackling it.

Do not give your dog the unnecessary attention it is seeking through continuously barking as it will do more harm to its psychology. Do not attend it, nor talk to it, nor look at it, if you feel your dog is barking without any reason.

2. Boredom/Loneliness

Much as humans are social animals, dogs, too, feel lonely and seek company; they become unhappy if not attended for long time intervals or left out on their own.

If that is the case, the previous method should not be used; chances are your dog is barking because it is unhappy and sad. Take out some time, or keep an attendant to company it, or buy cheerful toys or chew sticks for it.

3. Calmly Handle the Situation

Different dog breeds in India shout because of different reasons; one of the most probable points may be this. It may bark endlessly if you generally use yelling or terms like “Shut Up!” to handle it. This is because your dog thinks you are joining it and praising it.

In such cases, you need to calm your mind and, in a calm voice, teach him “Quiet.” Continue to do this in a calm voice until it stops, and when it does, even if to take a breath, reward it with a treat. The best dog websites in India have plenty of different flavors of treats and unique toys that might help you handle the situation.

4. Medical Reason

As mentioned earlier, dogs suffer from the same diseases as humans do; maybe that’s what makes dogs a man’s best friend. If your canine is old enough, you may try to contact an experienced vet through pet shops or the best dog websites in India.

Besides physical health issues, dogs suffer from mental issues too. Dogs suffer from separation fear, depression, loneliness, and several other mental disorders as well, just as men do, and it’s no less than a curse to abandon a loyal pet like a dog for issues that you may yourself have someday.


You should never yell at your dog to stop its barking, as the opposite is most likely going to happen, but you can try different techniques to find out the cause and resolve it.

Separation anxiety and compulsive barking are something that should be handled by an experienced veterinary behaviorist instead of pet owners themselves.

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