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Thursday , February 29 2024
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How Much Does A Dog Cost In 2024?

Owning a dog brings you immense joy in life apart from providing you with the gift of companionship. Dogs are special and make a great addition to any home, whether you live alone or with your family. However, owning a pet also comes with a certain amount of financial responsibility towards your pet, as is true with almost everything else. The health and wellness of your dog are in your hands, and you would never want to compromise on that.

Apart from the initial costs of purchasing dogs or adopting them, there are certain recurring expenses throughout their lives. So, before you welcome your furry friend to your home and life, consider what would provide an idea of the budget you must plan.

The first dog cost is the veterinary costs. Perhaps the most important financial consideration of all. You have to take your dog to the doctor from time to time. Vet visits are crucial and can be for regular vaccinations and check-ups. Moreover, you cannot rule out emergencies when you need to seek immediate veterinary care for unexpected seeking.

The thing is that all these can add up rather quickly. It would be best to take preventive measures like tick and flea control and routinely groom them. All these are important for your dog’s health and overall well-being, and they contribute quite a lot to these costs too.

Regarding annual dog expenses, nutrition is a vital aspect of your costs for having a dog. You need to provide them with high-quality pet food explicitly tailored to their needs, which costs you more than standard dog food.

You also have to get them treats, accessories, and toys, and these costs tend to add up over time as well. It is also significant to train them properly so they do not cause any issues later in their lives. It would cost you some money even if you try doing it yourself.

Some basic statistics related to owning a dog

owning a dog

Before we delve further into this topic, it would be worthwhile to share some data regarding the costs of having a dog. Studies suggest that it could cost between $15,000 and $30,000 in their lifetime. Depending on individual factors each month, you could incur between $125 and $500 for owning a dog.

The money you spend in a year to feed your dog depends on their breed and size, but it could be between $250 and $700. When you provide your dog with check-ups, preventive medications, and vaccinations in a year, the costs are between $200 and $ 6 yearly.

Dog grooming expenses depend on the breed of the dog and can cost you anywhere between $30 and $90 for each session, which needs to be done once at least 4-8 months. You must pay between $20 and $50 per month in premiums to insure them.

This will cover the veterinary expenses that you incur for your dog. The money you spend to get a dog will also depend on various factors such as breed, location, age, and reputation of the breeder that you are getting them from. A lot also depends on how you are getting the pup.

How much do Americans pay for their pet dogs?

More people are nowadays getting dogs in the USA (United States of America), and this has increased ever since the pandemic happened. So, you may wonder how much people pay for their dogs. Some studies state that, on average, a puppy costs you $1300 in the USA, but a Statista survey in 2021 says that, in actuality, it costs less for their dogs. The Statista Global Consumer Survey data has shown that 38% of dog owners in the country did not pay any money to get their dogs.

This is because they adopted them, and the good thing is that this happens to be a majority among such individuals. However, other people were keener on having purebred dogs, and this is why they spent money on their dogs.

The following table indicates the costs incurred:

Percentage of pet owners Money spent on buying the latest dogs
16% less than $100
14% $101 – $250
16% $250 – $500
10% $500 – $750
6% $750 – $1000

Source: Statista

US pet ownership statistics report

US pet ownership

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) studied pet owners in the USA in 2017-18. The following table reflects its findings about dogs:

Facts Figures
Number of households with dogs 48,255,413
Percentage of the total number of households in the USA that have dogs 38.4%
Number of dogs on average in each such household 1.6
Total number of dogs in households in the USA 76,811,305
Mean veterinary visit per household per year for dogs 2.4
Mean veterinary expenditure per household per year for dogs $410
Mean veterinary expenditure for each dog in the USA $253

Pet industry market size, trends, and ownership statistics in the USA

The USA’s spending on pets is increasing, as is evident from the APPA (American Pet Products Association) data. The following table reflects how the amount is growing:

Year Expenses incurred
2022 $136.8 billion
2021 $123.6 billion
2020 $108.9 billion
2019 $97.1 billion
2018 $90.5 billion

Following is a breakdown of expenses on pets incurred by pet parents and owners in 2022 in the USA:

Area of expense Expense incurred
Pet food and treats $58.1 billion
Veterinary care and associated products and services $35.9 billion
Supplies, live animals, and OTC (over-the-counter) medicines $31.5 billion
Expenses on other services $11.4 billion

It is estimated that $143.6 billion will be spent on pets in the USA in 2023. Following is a projected breakdown of said figure in that particular span:

Area of expense Expense incurred
Pet food and treats $62.7 billion
Veterinary care and associated products and services $37 billion
Supplies, live animals, and OTC medicines $32.1 billion
Expenses on other services $11.8 billion

The 2023-2024 APPA National Pet Owners Survey states that 66% of households in the USA own a pet, equivalent to 86.9 million households. Following is a breakdown of pets you will find in These homes:

Animal Number of homes
Dogs 65.1 million homes (69 million homes in 2021-22)
Cats 46.5 million homes (45.3 million homes in 2021-22)
Freshwater fish 11.1 million homes (11.8 million homes in 2021-22)
Small animals 6.7 million homes (6.2 million homes in 2021-22)
Birds 6.1 million homes (9.9 million homes in 2021-22)
Reptiles 6 million homes (5.7 million homes in 2021-22)
Saltwater fish 2.2 million homes (2.9 million homes in 2021-22)
Horses 2.2 million homes (3.5 million homes in 2021-22)

Following is a breakdown of pet owners by generation according to the same survey:

Generation Percentage stats
Millennial 33% (32% in 2021-22)
Generation X 25% (24% in 2021-22)
Baby boomers 24% (27% in 2021-22)
Generation Z 16% (14% in 2021-22)
Builders 2% (3% in 2021-22)

As per the 2021-22 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, the following are the same basic expenses dog owners incur in a year:

Area of expense Expenses incurred
Surgical vet visits $458
Food $287
Routine vet visits $242
Kennel boarding $228
Food treats $81
Vitamins $81
Toys $56

List of first-time dog expenses

first-time dog expenses

Welcoming a dog to your home is always a joyous experience, but there is always a list of dog expenses that you have to worry about. First, consider the money you would spend if and when you buy them. This cost depends on the breeder you are buying from and the breed you are buying.

Then, you must take them to the vet to get vaccinated and check up for the first time. Money will also have to be spent on spaying or neutering them.

How much do dogs cost per year?

The money you spend on a dog yearly will depend on nonessential essentials such as breed, size, and overall health. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1000 on basic costs such as high-quality dog food, routine veterinary care, grooming supplies, and preventive medications.

So, this is a probable answer to the question – how much does a dog cost per year? You will also have to deal with extra expenses such as toys, accessories, and treats. It would be best if you also contended with emergency medical care and unforeseen ailments.

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The lifetime cost of owning a dog

 Dog Cost Breeds

Based on the information we have provided you with, the lifetime cost of a dog, a dog’s lifetime cost000. There is a wide variation based on expenses such as purchasing them, grooming, veterinary care, training, nutritious food, etc. Also, depending on your dog’s breed, you must deal with emergency medical expenses, unexpected costs, and other determinants. It would be best if you were up-to-date on these expenses before deciding.

How much does A puppy cost?

Once again, The Money you spend on a puppy depends on specific factors such as breed, location, and breeder reputation, which can vary greatly. On average, however, be ready to shell out anywhere between $500 and $3000 if you wish to buy a pup.

If you are purchasing a rare breed or a dog with specific characteristics you desire, you must be ready to pay even more. Usually, it costs you much less to adopt from shelters – between $50 and $500.

Actual dog cost to adopt

We have already provided you with a figure for dog cost to adopt – remember that the money you spend for adopting a dog depends on factors like the shelter you are getting them from, the location, and factors related to the dog such as their age, breed, and size.

Shelters often charge you for the money they have spent on the dog for vaccination, neutering/spaying, and a basic health check-up. Thus, adopting dogs from shelters is far more cost-effective than buying them from breeders, apart from being more humane.

Essential dog supplies cost

How Much Does A Dog Cost In 2024?

When you wonder how many dogs you can own, this is an important factor you can miss out on only at your peril. The essentials necessary to ensure one is happy and comfortable with one’s luxuries, such as a collar, food bowl, leash, and water bowl, cost between $100 and $200.

High-quality dog food, toys, and grooming tools would add anywhere between $200 and $500 annually to this list. It would be Preventing medications, identification tags, and training treats would be best

Apart from the mentioned expenses, you must be mindful of pet insurance and licensing expenses. These are also ongoing financial commitments, and it is necessary to contend with local regulations in the USA.

They also provide you with a safety net in case of unexpected veterinary expenses. Ultimately, while the companionship and love you get from dogs are priceless, the financial implications of having them in your life are real.


You have to make sure you are better prepared for the financial commitments you have to make so that your dog has a healthy and happy life. Planning a budget for the expenses is essential. You need to make sure that your dog has a fulfilling journey without any worry in their life. After all, your pets depend on you as they cannot fend for you. If you are a responsible person, you will want to ensure you can fulfill the duties towards them.

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