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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Hemp Oil for Dogs – Top Uses

Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is a type of oil made by crushing hemp seeds. Today’s health-conscious people demand cold-pressed oils for their consumption.

Therefore, hemp oil also has a cold-pressed variant. Cold-pressed and unrefined hemp oil may range from dark to clear light green with a nutty flavor.

As the color gets darker, the flavor gets grassier. Refined hempseed oil is generally clear and colorless, with little taste. Primarily, it is present in body care products.

Hemp seed oil manufactured for industrial purposes is extensive in lubricants, paints, fuel, plastics, soaps, shampoos, and detergents.

Hemp oil for dogs

Apart from humans, hemp oil has also been a success with your pets. CBD or cannabidiol is undoubtedly the best thing as far as pet wellness is concerned. Hemp oil for dogs has rapidly grown in popularity. It is due to the benefits it has for your pet.

A recent study has shown that the hemp market-derived pet products are expected to reach $125 million in 2022. Thus, making it the fastest-growing section in the CBD products market.

Pet owners have been giving hemp oil to their furry friends to cure a range of ailments they may suffer from. The help oil aids their health and wellness needs. It has been beneficial in providing cures for general pain to anxiety.

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Hemp oil Vs. Hemp seed oil

How Is CBD Oil for Dogs Different from Hemp Oil for Dogs

When you start purchasing hemp oil for your pet, you will realize there are two types of fat. One is Hemp oil, and the other is Hempseed oil. Both the oils come from the same plant. Therefore, the manufacturing process is the same as pressing the oil from the respective plant.

The difference lies in the part of the plant used during extraction. The difference between hemp oil and hempseed oil is a different part of the plant used to prepare the oil. Hemp oil has various names. CBD oil, full-spectrum hemp oil, and

even broad-spectrum hemp oil. The oils are produced from different parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant. These include stalks, leaves, and flowers. The most vital element in hemp oil is cannabidiol, which has proven health benefits for humans and pets.

Hempseed oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis Sativa plant. Even though earlier, it was not believed to have any source of CBD. However, new research shows that hempseed oils can have up to thirty different CBDs. However, CBD levels are lower in hempseed oil compared to hemp oil.

Both hemp oil and hemp seed oil contain plant compounds such as terpenes and phenols. These compounds offer additional health benefits to humans and pets. If any pet owner is reluctant to let the dog consume CBD but wants the dog to gain the other benefits of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp seed oil would be the best option.

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Hemp Oil for Dogs: Benefits and UsesBenefits of hemp oil for dogs

Several researchers have proven that hemp oil has many benefits for dogs. These are the prime benefits of hemp oil, as far as dogs are concerned.  To name a few, some of the benefits would be

  • A reduction of epileptic seizures
  • Relief from osteoarthritis pain
  • Improvement in mobility
  • The quality of life
  • Anxiety reduction

To combat chronic issues like seizures and osteoarthritis, some vets suggest using hemp oil once or twice a day.

Hemp oil is needed to treat acute anxiety generally caused by fireworks, thunderstorms, or visits to the veterinary doctor or groomer.

One will need to give the dose well in the time ahead for the effect of the CBD to start working before the anxiety-causing event.

The general timeframe is one hour for the effects of the oil to show on the dog.

CBD has proven to be beneficial for your dog in various ways. Hence, it is, for this reason, it has gained popularity worldwide.

Is hemp oil safe for dogs?

Modern studies have confirmed that hemp oils are not only safe but, as mentioned above, have various health benefits for your pup.

The small amounts of CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in some hemp oils ensure that your dog does not feel intoxicated.

One must ensure that the hemp oil purchased for your dog has less than 0.3 percent of THC. An oil with such a composition will not make your dog feel disoriented, feel low, in pain, or even unsteady while standing.

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Adverse effects of Hemp oil for dogs

After collecting data on a global level, it is observed that several pet owners have claimed to see few side effects in their dogs post-consumption of hemp oil. However, some common side effects reported include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of hunger, and laziness after consumption of hemp oil.

However, these symptoms do not occur in the cases of most dogs. Therefore, a minute percentage might suffer from the above-mentioned adverse effects.

CBD for dog health
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How to use hemp oil on dogs

Hemp oil, sold as oil, is a tincture added to soft chews or other treats. You may choose to purchase hemp oil products that are without CBD. The hemp oil in tincture form has a dropper to put the oil under the dog’s tongue or against the cheek. It is considered the best way to apply the oil.

If your puppy shows discomfort with this method, you can add the oil to his food. Hemp oil is available in soft chews or capsules. In other words, the tablets, and soft chews, contain hemp oil.


Hemp oil offers several benefits for dogs. It can help promote joint health, alleviate anxiety and stress, support a healthy coat, and enhance overall well-being. Incorporating hemp oil into a dog’s routine can benefit their health and happiness.


Q: Is hemp oil safe for dogs to consume? 

Answer: Yes, hemp oil is generally safe for dogs when used in appropriate doses. However, it’s important to use hemp oil specifically formulated for pets and follow recommended dosage instructions.

Q: What are the potential benefits of hemp oil for dogs? 

Answer: Hemp oil has various potential benefits for dogs, including promoting joint health, reducing anxiety and stress, supporting a healthy coat and skin, and potentially aiding overall well-being.

Q: Can hemp oil get my dog high? 

Answer: No, hemp oil derived from industrial hemp contains deficient levels of THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. It lacks intoxicating effects and will not induce a high in your dog.

Q: Are there any potential side effects of hemp oil for dogs?

Answer: Dogs typically tolerate hemp oil well, but in some cases, they may experience mild side effects like drowsiness or temporary digestive disturbances. Start with the low dosage, observe your dog’s reaction, and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

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