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Saturday , May 18 2024
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First Aid Tips for Dog Owners

If you are a pet owner, you need to ensure that you are always ready to provide first aid in case of an emergency to your pet.

You should have your vet’s number on speed dial. If you are not able to provide first-aid, rush to the closest emergency animal healthcare provider.

Dog First Aid Tips For Pet Owners

Can pet parents give first aid?

Yes, first-aid is an emergency procedure that can save the life of your pet, so if you notice a pet injury, go ahead and provide the first aid.

You don’t need to have any advanced course to provide basic first aid to your pet in the case of an emergency. Here are some basic first aid tips based on the type of issues your pets may face

What to do if you’re pet has been poisoned?

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

This is the most generally encountered emergency condition in dogs. Many times pets who are left untended at home, accidentally consume harmful or toxic substances like rat poison, toilet cleaner, fertilizers, or prescription drugs.

As a first step, read the product label of the consumed poisonous substance, which can help in providing some details about an antidote. Your description of the type of poisonous substance consumed by your pet to your vet can save your pet’s life.

If your pet vomits the substance, it is a good sign. If the substance comes in contact with the eyes or skin of your dog, wash it with clean, plain water, and take your pet to the doctor immediately.

What to do if your dog suffers from Seizures and Convulsions?

It may happen due to the swallowing of some poisonous substance. It is important that you don’t get scared and handle the situation calmly. Hold your pet in a towel or blanket and wait for a minute. In the case of continuous seizures, wrap the pet with a towel, and move them on their side to keep the airway clear. Keep your pets away from sharp and harmful objects for further injuries.

How can you help your pet in case of accidents or trauma?

In the case of accidents or trauma, take your pet immediately to the doctor. If your pet is bleeding, try to stop the flow of blood with a cold wet cloth. In burn injuries, cool down the burned area with cold water mixed with some potassium permanganate (if available).

You can also use an ice pack on the burned area to cool down the skin temperature. In such a situation, always consult with your vet and take them to the clinic as soon as possible.

What is the method of providing rescue breathing + CPR to your pet?

In some conditions of illness, your pet may suddenly stop breathing or your heart stops. In these situations, provide CPR. Perform this external breathing process by shutting the dog’s mouth with your hand and pumping air into the pet’s nostrils directly by your mouth until you see his chest expand. You can press on their chest as well to revive the heart. Learn more about Pet CPR here!

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