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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Black German Shepherd – Facts You Should Know About

Black German Shepherd – Facts You Should Know About

Although it may seem like a separate breed by how it is referred to, the Black German Shepherd is simply a German Shepherd, which is all black.

Bred for a solid black coat instead of the customary black and tan coat with the saddle marking and facemask, the Black German Shepherd is the same dog in every other way and gaining popularity due to their stunning look.

One of the popular breeds of dogs for many years, they are generally very athletic and brilliant, often making their training much easier than other breeds.

Loyal and protective, they are a great family pet and an untiring working dog, making them an excellent breed for many reasons.

#1 Black German Shepherd – Breed Characteristics

Shepherds are very special – and noble – dogs, whether they have an all-black coat or not. A fairly large breed usually varies from 70 pounds to well over 100 pounds depending on the bloodline, with old German origins tending to have much bigger dogs than some more modern lineage dogs today.

They have a long, thick coat and need regular brushing to prevent mats, though some Black German Shepherds tend to have less thick coats than others.

Black Shepherds are generally healthy dogs; though they can suffer from hip and knee issues if poorly bred, they tend to develop arthritis as they age. Conformationally, some lines of German Shepherds have long, slanted backs and weak hindquarters, which has become desirable in the show ring for its appearance.

Still, this trait is greatly disputed, having become an exaggerated conformational fault within the breed. Dogs from these lines should likely be avoided since they tend to have back and hip problems much sooner than the dogs who do not have the show ring stance.

Regarding personality, Black German Shepherds that are well-bred and well-socialized are usually happy, playful dogs that love people. Anyone interested in this breed should ask about temperament in the family line; however, some lines can have dogs that are shy and skittish, and even aggressive at times, which is not characteristic or desirable in the breed.

Black German Shepherd

#2 Black German shepherds are more expensive than the standard shepherds

Black German Shepherds cost more than the standard breed as they are quite rare in large numbers. They are usually expensive because of their long and luxurious coats.

A new puppy for the Black German Shepherd will cost around $700 to $2000, while the standard German shepherd puppy goes for $300 to $900.

The cost explains why the Black German shepherds are unique, and most owners take pride in owning this type of Shepherd. However, it is also essential to find a reputable breeder of the Black German Shepherd by referrals from your veterinarian or by visiting professional dog shows.

Before you decide to receive the Black German Shepherd, knowing the secondary expenses that may come with owning one is important. Some of the primary costs include vet visits, quality foods, shots, and even toy cans, which can add up to the budget.

You are likely to spend more if you are not ready to properly care for your Black German Shepherd. Also, if there is no reputable breeder around your area, you will likely pay for the shipping charges as they need proper handling until they arrive at their new home.

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#3 German Shepherd Training

Whether you are interested in a family pet, getting a Black Shepherd as a guard dog, or a tracking dog, all dog training basics are the same.

The pup must first be well socialized with people and trust them and have basic obedience training like sit, stay, come and understand not to be mouthy, etc.

Crate training and leash walking are basic training for all young dogs, including Black Shepherds, that may go on to more advanced training.

Shepherds that receive advanced training for search and rescue, guarding, police work, bomb detection, or other duties must be the most physically able, conformationally sound, and obedient to succeed at their training.

The Black Shepherd breed loves attention and the challenge offered by various training activities, but they must be ideally taught not to learn bad habits.

Black German Shepherd Breed Information

#4 They have one of the most brutal bites

Whereas human bites if 86 pounds of force, the Black German Shepherd can bite with a force of up to 236 pounds. It is one of the reasons why this breed of dog makes outstanding police dogs. It is usually said that you cannot run from a German shepherd more than once.

They have solid and masculine body structures, which makes them qualified to bring down any person who tends to run away when used as police dogs. Moreover, they are loyal and obedient and always follow their owner’s orders.

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#5 The Black German Shepherds are very protective

This dog breed will not hesitate to protect one of its pack members. With proper training, the Black German Shepherd feels the danger and alerts you of intruders.

They tend to save their family, more so the children. It is essential to teach your dog when to bark and who is considered a stranger on your homestead.

A good-bred Black German Shepherd will always attack when given orders if required. They have a sharp sense of hearing and sniffing, which makes them the best dog breeds for police and the military.

They are also brilliant and came third in the rankings when AKC judges rated more than 100 breeds regarding their intelligence.

The black German shepherd will do whatever it takes to save their people and keep them safe. Strong protective intuitions have always been a hallmark of shepherd dogs. It is important to ensure that they have proper socialization from when they are introduced to the family.

The Black German Shepherd is liked for their loyalty, great energy, and affection towards children and family members. However, they cannot live indoors forever, so they must spend time outdoors and interact with nature.

The primary distinguishing factor between the Black German shepherd and the standard breed is that they have black coats. Moreover, their pups are born black and are larger than the average German Shepherd. They are also prone to health problems, and the owner is highly responsible for taking good care of their dogs.

If you want to own the Black German Shepherd, ensure that he is adequately trained and provided excellent care. They always make the best family companions.

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