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Does Your Dog Have A Dry Nose?

One of the most frequent dog health questions that we get from new pet parents is – Why their pet dog has a warm dry nose and does it mean that their dog is sick?

The answer is NO! Dog dry nose doesn’t specifically mean that your dog is sick, however, there are a few things that you should look out for, to make sure that your dog is healthy and in good shape.


A dog’s nose can vary from wet to dry several times during the course of the day. Similar to humans, they also experience dry noses due to allergies or temperature/weather changes.

During winters, if dogs are lying for a longer duration in front of a radiator heater or blower, they will experience a dry nose. Here are some simple reasons behind your dog’s dry nose that has nothing to do with their health:

  • Spending too much time laying under the sun
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Sleeping in a room without proper air circulation
  • Lying in front of heater or radiator for long period in winters

Dog dry nose symptoms to look out for

dog dry nose

1. Check for dry nose along with redness or flaky skin. This can happen due to extreme sun exposure and may require a veterinarian visit. Consult your vet for sunscreen lotions for pets that you can use to protect your pet dog from sunburns. Keep in mind that extreme sun exposure can lead to skin cancer as well.

2. Check for nasal discharge. If your dog has a runny nose then the mucus should be clear. If the color of the mucus is yellow, green, or black in color with thick and bubbly density, then see your vet immediately.

3. Check for cracked, scabby, or swollen nose along with dryness. Many dogs face cracked noses during the winter season. This can indicate some type of skin disorder and you should consult your vet immediately to ensure that the condition isn’t serious.

You should never hesitate about contacting your veterinarian in case you think something is wrong with your pet. Treat them like you would treat your own kid. Make dog health care a priority if you feel something isn’t right with your pet dog.

Feel free to contact us if you have any dog health questions. You can share your queries in the comments below or [email protected]

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