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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Details About Dog Insurance In India

Dog Insurance in India: Everything You Need to Know

As adopting a dog is increasing in India, there is rampant development in the insurance sector for pets only, especially dogs. Many consider our canine companion a part of our family than a pet. We give them equal attention, love, and care as we bestow on our children.

We prefer to cover our dogs, as we do for our family. Insurance is the best option for us to treat them well without any hesitation due to the expenses related to medical treatment.

Like other animals, dogs are vulnerable to several diseases. Sometimes, severe accidents may occur, which may affect your financial condition. We don’t know what future lies ahead of us. However, we can convincingly guard our pets with the best insurance coverage to meet all their needs without feeling guilty later for not doing anything beforehand.

Insurance is the best choice for the pet parents to be best equipped for such instances. It will help us to treat our furry friends without affecting our pockets.

Companies are now gradually entering the pet insurance field, including dogs. Though a newcomer in India, pet insurance has its share of benefits. Hence, it is wise enough to avail them for dog owners. Different insurance policies have their facilities in their system.

Some cover cost of the veterinarian. Some may have a death claim facility in their system. You have to select the accurate plan according to your necessity.

Details and Facility of insurance

The reason behind insuring your dog

Every day, more and more people are interested in foreign dog breeds. Hence, purchasing and maintaining any foreign dog breed is getting costlier. Foreign dogs are tough and can be expensive to be taken care of.

So, it is essential to get them insured. You can get your money back if anything unwanted happens to them, like death, loss, or stolen. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it will recover your pet from anything worse happening to them. However, this will help your financial loss to get compensated.

Due to the increase in quality treatment, pet lives longer than before. But, on the other hand, medical cost is getting sky-high. In this scenario, dog insurance is a fantastic tool to provide good treatment for your dog and rescue you from medical expense-related hazards, as dogs are prone to accidental situations.

Also, irrespective of breed, dogs tend to suffer due to aging. Hence, dogs suffer from various diseases. Therefore, regular medical observation is mandatory.

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Some types of dog breeds require surgery too. You should have pet insurance for your help and support in such cases.

Another embarrassing situation is when someone’s property gets destroyed by your dog. You have to give that person compensation.

A few insurance companies provide pet insurance in India to help you choose the best coverage.

The reason behind insuring your dog

Details and Facility of insurance

Insurance in a customized way is readily available for dog owners. These insurance companies are authorized or governed by a statutory body in India.

They are known as the insurance regulatory and development authority of India. In short form IRDA. They plan the rules and regulations guidelines for dog insurance and other pets.

The insurance cost is five to six percent of the total sum insured. It roughly ranges between fifteen to thirty thousand, which may vary from breed to breed. Some other health-related issues may change the amount.

For example, Future General Insurance company provides some added-on type features in their insurance, like loss of show entry charges.

Some dog insurances have faculty of third-party liability charges developed due to your dog biting someone or damaging another person’s property.

Usually, there are three types of insurance available in the market. These are as follows:

  • coverage for a lifetime,
  • limited time coverage and
  • limitation for money coverage.

Coverage for a lifetime preserves your dog and you from lifetime diseases such as cancer, arthritis, etc., and problems developed by them. If you go for a lifetime option, you get a specific amount every year regarding treatment for these diseases.

In addition, your pet gets paid for a medical condition arising due to specified diseases or illnesses in any limited-time option. This is because they made a contractual agreement with you.

As a pet owner, you can get financial support for any medical situation and related expenses in case of limited money. In a few policies, there is no limit until you exhaust your monetary limitation.

Pet insurance covers such situations like:

Accidentally death coverage,

  • diseases that are under the contractual condition with the company,
  • cost related to medical expenses,
  • any accident occurring when your dog is traveling by train or air,
  • stealing of your pet,
  • any disability developed due to medical as well as accidental reasons,
  • any condition developed due to your dog with respect to a third party.

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There are a few exclusions also in your pet insurance, such as

  • Deliberately or consciously creating any injury to your pet.
  • Sickness due to wound development. It can occur due to mishandling or negligence over the pet.
  • Death or wound mature due to conditions such as wartime hostile conditions in the non-native area, any revolt due to the rebellion condition, or military purpose.
  • Death due to rabies/bad temper.
  • Hepatitis virus problem, enteritis virus, and leptospirosis
  • Pre-existing diseases before the policy was sorted by dog owners.

Top Dog insurance companies in India

A list of dog insurance plans present in the market includes the following popular options:

  • Oriental insurance,
  • Future General Insurance
  • United India Insurance
  • Toffy insurance
  • New India Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz insurance
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