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Thursday , May 23 2024
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Creating a Safe & Cozy Home for Your Senior Dog

Creating a Safe & Cozy Home for Your Senior Dog

Keeping an aging dog is quite a task, especially if you need more clarification about the changes they may go through at this point in life. Your beloved four-legged baby will eventually grow older, and as they do so, you must make some slight changes to your home to ensure that your senior dog can move about comfortably and live the healthiest and safest life ever.

When dogs grow old, they can develop certain health conditions like arthritis and vision changes. In such cases, you would be cautious about their well-being. So, please make some changes to accommodate them so you can keep them safe and happy. Depending on your dog’s circumstances, there are so many ways you can modify your home to accommodate their needs better.

Helping their mobility

Senior Dog

The first tip is less of a home modification than a dog modification. Veterinary experts suggest that helping your senior dog to be mobile is more crucial as far as keeping them safe within the house is concerned. That way, they would also be able to navigate the home properly.

They recommend different types of high-traction footwear for dogs, such as rubber booties, to reduce their sliding and slipping. They also recommend that you keep trimming their nails – this is important in older dogs.

This is because longer nails would cause them to slip more on hardwood floors and surfaces.

Creating a rug path

If your dog is not a footwear fan, it would be better to choose other ways to help them, such as rugs. It would make sure you do not have to go through the hassle of attempting to put booties on dogs who balk at such efforts just so that you could prevent them from falling and slipping.

Place rugs on the paths in your home taken more often than not by your senior dog so they have a sense of familiarity even when their vision fails them.

However, if you do not like rugs from a stylistic point of view, you can use yoga mats as an alternative to providing them with traction and wayfinding.

Grabbing extra-cozy beds 

How To Choose A Bed For Your Senior Dog To Get The Best Sleep

If the bed is nice, it will not make your dog comfortable and happy, but it will give them the much-needed support that their bodies need even as they age.

Doctors say that most older dogs tend to develop pressure sores on their bodies. It happens especially to the larger breeds. You can deal with this problem by adding to the amount of bedding your dog uses. You could use a mattress pad or a dog bed made using memory foam.

Yet another option for senior dogs is orthopedic dog beds. It is especially true for dogs suffering from joint issues such as arthritis.

Keeping furniture in the exact locations 

West Highland White Terriers

If your dog is experiencing loss of vision with increasing age, one of the best things you could do for them is not change the setup of your home. They would be familiar with the layout of your house, and if you change it, it could lead to injuries to dogs who are losing sight.

If you need to change the furniture setup, experts suggest you slowly introduce your dog to the new layout by walking them on a leash.

Using gates to block off danger zones

If you want to prevent potential dog injuries, one way you can do so is by using gates. It is especially applicable in cases where you have changed your furniture recently.

If you can cordon off areas that you have rearranged and ones that your dog needs to become more familiar with, it can help ensure that they do not wander into anything that they ideally should not. If your dog can’t use the staircases safely, blocking them off could be a good idea.

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Getting dog stairs 

Does your sweet old baby love to get up to your bed and curl up with you every night? Are they still able to climb up the stairs? In that case, dog stairs can make it easier for them to get up on furniture without jumping to accomplish that goal. Since older dogs tend to be fragile such jumping could cause injuries.

Installing ramps

If you have better options than stairs for your senior dog but are still looking for ways to get up on furniture, you could try using ramps as an alternative. They would serve a rather purpose.

Ramps help them get on the furniture. However, this is different from where their utility ends. Experts say they are a safer option for dogs still looking to climb stairs but should not be using them.


Placing night lights all across the home 

Experts say that in old age, your dog may still be able to see everything correctly during the daytime, but visiting in the dark can present them with challenges. This is especially so in the case of older dogs who are experiencing changes in their vision.

Nighttime generally tends to be problematic for them. This is why you should use nightlights in dark stairways and hallways. You can also install floodlights outside your home.

Helping them deal with hardwood floors

It is a great way to help with mobility issues that could be faced by your dog when they get older. Some senior dogs face problems while walking on hardwood floors. Try getting them to wear dog boots with traction underneath them so they can walk on slippery surfaces.

You can also place rugs on your floor with non-slip pads underneath them. It would provide your dog with a designated area to walk easily. If they use stairs, you can put surfaces that are easy to grip on them.

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Buying elevated dog bowls

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Some older dogs find it difficult to lower their necks to eat from their bowls or drink water. You can reduce this strain by getting elevated dog bowls for them. Alternatively, you can prop up the water and food dishes they use now.

However, doctors say they should not be too high, which would cause similar discomfort. The maximum height of these elevated dishes and bowls should be three inches below the chest for smaller dogs and six inches for larger dogs.


You can be sure that by following these simple steps, you can create a peaceful home environment where your senior dog will be happy and safe throughout their life. Such dogs have changing needs, and these are the best way to accommodate them and their daily needs.

If you can provide your elderly dog with love, compassionate and attentive care, it would make sure that they stay as happy, comfortable, and content as possible in the final years of their lives. You can also get more tips about this from your vet, who would suggest the best ways to keep them safe.


Q: Why is it essential to make your home accessible for your senior dog?

A: Senior dogs face physical problems as they grow. As dogs reach their seniority, physical limitations cause several barriers and issues for them. Hence, it can cause several difficulties to move around. It is significant to make them comfortable in their spaces.

Q: How would you make your senior dog comfortable and safe in a new home?

A: The best tip to keep your dog safe and comfortable would be to keep things a bit persistent, consistent, and quiet. If you have moved to a new home, you must show them their space, feeding bowl, and water. If you are not around for some time, you can keep a treat stuffed toy or any puzzled food bowl.

Q: How to keep your senior dog happy?

A: Maintain a routine and keep things accessible to help your dog stay healthy. Your senior dog hates abrupt changes.

Q: Is moving stressful for senior dogs?

A: Any disruption in their routine life can be stressful for a senior dog. Older dogs love to spend time in their tight spaces. They adjust to a routine. A new place and a new environment can be stressful for them. So, it can impact your dog.

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