Penalty of Rs 5000 For Not Registering Pet dogs
Thursday , June 20 2024
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Chandigarh Administration Planning A Penalty of Rs 5000 For Not Registering Pet dogs

If you haven’t registered your pet dog yet, it may cost you 10 times more now! Chandigarh Administration is planning to impose a new penalty on pet owners who haven’t registered their pet dogs yet.

According to sources, the Local Administration had asked for some clarification from the Municipal Commissioner (MC) before imposing the new penalty. MC office responded that they are soon going to provide clarification to the Local Administration. The MC General House has already approved the proposal to increase the penalty amount for non-registration of pet dogs from INR 500 to INR 5,000. Chandigarh Administration is close on giving the final nod on the proposal of imposing increased penalty for the defaulters.

Failed Registration Drive

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has failed in getting people to register their pet dogs over the last year. According to data, till July 2018,  there are over 6990 pet dogs in the city, out of which only 400 dogs have been registered in the last eight months. The number of pet dogs in Chandigarh may have gone over 7400 by now, officials pre-estimate.

According to the last livestock census in 2012, the numbers of pet dogs were recorded around 10,000.

RK Garg, president, Second Innings Association, said in the absence of a consistent drive by the MC, the bylaws have lost their purpose. He said people were not coming up for the registration to avoid punishment. KK Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, Chandigarh, said he had called a meeting to review the implementation of the bylaws next week, in which all other issues would be discussed.

What bylaws says

  • Pet animals cannot be taken to any public garden or Sukhna Lake.
  • Pet dogs should not be allowed to defecate at public places.
  • The owner needs to ensure that a collar with a metal token issued by the registering authority is tied around the pet’s neck.
  • In case a dog defecates at a public place, the owner shall arrange to get the dog’s excreta removed.
  • Any registered dog straying at large will be seized and kept at a place set apart for this purpose.
Source: The Tribune

You can read the pet bylaws and download the pet registration form here – Petdog_Reg&byelaws(1)

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