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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Adopt Indian dog breed

Blue Cross Organized An Adoption Drive For Indian Dog Breeds In Hyderabad

Blue Cross of Hyderabad recently organized an adoption drive for puppies of Indian breed at Blue cross, Jubilee Hills over the last weekend. During the adoption drive, dog lovers from across the city came to see and adopt these cute furry puppies.

“I wanted a puppy for a long time. But dogs in my locality are not vaccinated. This drive gave me a chance to adopt a vaccinated puppy. Drives like these should be held often. People who love dogs will surely promote these activities,” said a resident.

In the adoption drive,  it was mandatory for the people to provide basic information, who were interested to adopt a puppy. On both days, lots of people came forward to adopt pups. During the drive, around  50 pups were brought in by people and maximum of them found their new homes. Some dog lovers also came with their own puppies, seeking to foster a second or third pet.

An activist said that most of the puppies will be given to the dog lovers, while the rest will be fostered by volunteers of the drive.

“Blue Cross has a lot of space and huge infrastructure,” said Pratima Sagar, an animal activist.

Adopt indian dog breed

Pratima said that Indian dog breeds are designated as ‘stray dogs’, and forced to live on the streets. Imported breeds are taken up for breeding, but when breeding is done, they are dumped on the streets. The activists shared a story of how they rescued a St. Bernard who was dumped in the rain.

“Animal activist and volunteers like us have our houses full of fostered animals. We wish Blue Cross would let us use its premises in the future also, so it will be of great help for these voiceless creatures,” Pratima added.

Reference: The Times Of India

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