Owning a Pomeranian: Pros and Cons of Getting a Pomeranian
Wednesday , May 22 2024
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Are You Thinking Of Owning A Pomeranian Things You Must Know About This Breed

Owning a Pomeranian: Pros and Cons of Getting a Pomeranian

Do you want to own a small dog you can carry on airplanes? Then, you can go for a Pomeranian. However, the funny fact is that the Pomeranians were not this small originally. If you delve deeper into history, these dogs used to be as heavy as twenty to thirty pounds.

But England’s Queen Victoria mastered contracting a thirty-pound dog type to below ten pounds. Thus, this new toy-sized breed was born.

The Pomeranians have their ancestry in the dog breed of Spitz. So, a Pomeranian shows up quite a few characteristics of a Spitz. If you are considering buying a Pomeranian, it’s good to know both the positives and negatives of this dog breed.

Else, you may fall yourself and get an innocent dog in trouble. So, go through the following table that categorizes the merits and the demerits of owning Pomeranians.

Top Reasons Why Toy Pomeranian Molts

Pros of Owning a Pomeranian

Smiling look

Any time you look at a Pomeranian, it will give you a feeling that it is smiling. So, a positive vibe plays within you when you look at a Pomeranian.

Variety of colors

If you want options in life, the coat colors of Pomeranians will offer you many. For other dog breeds, you may have a chance of a maximum of five color options.

However, Pomeranians can be available in twenty-three various color combinations.

Cute small size

It feels like a moving toy when a Pomeranian walks or runs in your house. You feel like cuddling it all the time.

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Connection with history

Owning a Pomeranian makes you an instant storyteller in kitty parties or functions. You can tell how a Pomeranian is associated with Queen Victoria.

You can also cite its association with the great Titanic tragedy of 1912. It’s a fact that only three dogs survived that tragedy, and two of them were Pomeranians.

Pomeranian facts

Long lifespan

These toy-sized dogs live a long life. On average, they live for 16 years. However, there is much news that says Pomeranians live long. Some reports say these dogs live up to twenty years of age.

High level of intelligence – Poms are smart. They even learn things at a fast pace. So, training a Pomeranian does not take too much toil.

Good health

Pomeranians are considered a healthy dog breed. If you are fortunate enough and keep your Pom in a clean environment under proper supervision, you may not even have to visit a vet other than for vaccinations.

Cons of Owning a Pomeranian

Using a smile to achieve

The Poms are pretty intelligent. And when brain and beauty mix, the resultant is a bomb. The Poms will look at you when you are eating something. They make you give it a share of your food. It may end up disturbing its routine diet resulting in obesity.

Heavy shedding

They are furry. And these dogs shed a lot. Combing them regularly is the only option for the owner to manage its fur all around the house.

Comb it and keep the fall hair in places to dispose of.

‘Invisible’ because of the small size

Poms are a small bundle of joy. But since they are so small, they are rarely visible at times. So, you may end up stumbling. It can cause your as well the Pom’s accident. So, better watch out.

Also, accidents can occur if the Poms get exposed to the kids. The kids think of Poms as toys and may throw them, causing severe damage to the dogs.

On the other hand, when the kids try treating a Pom as a toy, the Pom can bite the kid badly. It is something you need to be careful about.

If you have smaller kids at your place, you must make them understand it’s not a toy. Though the Poms look like toys, they are a bit ferocious since they carry the genes of Spitz.

Teacup Pomeranian

People flock to the owner’s house.

The Poms are a treat to watch. So, many people find excuses to visit the homes of Pom owners. Many times, you may want to stay lonely. But outside, people flocking to your house may deny so. So, keep a Pom at your own risk.

Health complications at an elderly age – Since the Poms live long, they face several age-related health issues later in life.


A dumb one would rarely do any mischief. With intelligence comes mischievous activities.

Since the Poms are highly intelligent, they are mischievous too. Many a time, these dogs hide in such places that you can hardly think of.

And their small sizes help them in such activities. It may land everyone in trouble. When the owners can’t find the dog, they report it to the police. However, to everyone’s embarrassment, these dogs were later discovered at their owner’s houses.

Health issues of small-sized dogs

Since they are small, they have some demerits. If they fall from a greater height, they may fracture their bones or severe injuries.

Tracheal collapse is a common problem among small-sized dogs. Also, since they have small mouths, inserting brushes within their mouths is a huge challenge.

So, cleaning a Pom’s teeth is a complicated task to execute successfully. If you don’t do this task, your Pom is bound to face dental issues.

choose pure breed pomeranian


Pomeranians have distinct personalities and find their place among the 30th cutest dogs in the world. They are bold and aggressive with a curious nature. They crave attention and can be great pets for families. They are excellent watchdogs as well.

However, if you have younger kids, make sure they don’t pester these dogs. Create a secure place for your pet. Build a crate or bed with walls around it to make it feel comfortable.


Que: What are the pros of owning a Pomeranian?

Ans: Pomeranians are known for their lively and affectionate nature, making them excellent companions. They are intelligent, trainable, and great with families, making them suitable for various lifestyles.

Que: What are the cons of owning a Pomeranian?

Ans: Pomeranians tend to be vocal and may bark frequently, which can be a challenge for some owners. Pomeranians require regular grooming to maintain their luxurious coat and are prone to specific health issues, such as dental problems and joint concerns.

Que: Are Pomeranians good with children?

Ans: Pomeranians can be good with children, especially when properly socialized from a young age. However, due to their small size, they may be more suitable for older children who can handle them gently and responsibly.

Que: Do Pomeranians require a lot of exercise?

Ans: Pomeranians are energetic dogs and need regular exercise to stimulate them mentally and physically. Daily walks, playtime, and interactive toys are beneficial for their well-being. However, their exercise needs can be met within a smaller living space, making them adaptable to apartment living.

Que: Can Pomeranians be left alone for long periods?

Ans: Pomeranians flourish in the company of others and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for prolonged periods. They prefer to be with their family members and may not do well when they are left alone for long hours regularly. Please look at their social interaction needs and plan accordingly if you have a busy schedule.

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