Animal activists accuse Chandigarh MC of botching up Dog
Wednesday , June 19 2024
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Animal activists accuse Chandigarh MC of botching up Dog Sterilisations

Animal activists accuse Chandigarh MC of botching up Dog Sterilisations

After a second community dog was returned by the municipal corporation with its entrails spilling out of his body, the animal lovers in the city have accused the municipal corporation (MC) of botching up sterilisation surgeries.

City-based animal activist Neeru Saharan said this was the second such incident this month. “Another dog was found with its intestines hanging out in the first week of October. The authorities say that the dogs fight among themselves, but it happens because they are releasing the dogs too soon,” she said, adding that the activists had complained to Maneka Gandhi about this.

Another city-based animal activist Simran Bani added that the authorities were not sterilising the dogs properly: “Last year, five dogs died of similarly botched-up surgeries. The MC is careless when they pick up the dogs. Many times they end up displacing them and we have to look for them.”

District animal welfare officer, who works with the Animal Welfare Board of India, Inder Sandhu, said, “Transparency is needed to ensure such incidents don’t happen again. The sterilisation programme hasn’t been successful, which is why the population of stray dogs has increased in the past few years. Animal volunteers need to be involved for picking up and dropping off the dogs. The age of the dog has to be checked before it is operated upon.”

Police officers of the Maloya police station, where the complaint was made, said they had taken the statements of the doctors and the animal activists involved and had lodged a DDR which had been forwarded to the MC.

MC slaughterhouse in-charge, Dr MS Kamboj, who is also in-charge of the sterilisation drive, said, “When stray dogs are kept in the shelter after surgery, sometimes they fight with each other, which can cause injuries. Our doctors had examined the wounds of the dog in question and it appears that a human has hurt it.”

“We want to work in tandem with animal activists. If any such incident happens, we wish they would inform us and let us take care of the dog,” he added.

Source: Hindustan Times

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