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Abandoned Sick St. Bernard

Abandoned Sick St. Bernard Dog Gets Rescued By Students In Ludhiana

A 6-year-old St. Bernard female dog called Brownie was abandoned by her owner at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University after the doctors suggested an operation and intensive post-operative care of the pet.

The owner of the dog not taking responsibility for the post-operative care and abandoned the dog. However, the doctors at the university proceeded with the operation and the med students have come to her rescue. They are now taking care of her.

What disease troubled Brownie?

She was suffering from a life-threatening disease that involved respiratory distress along with gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome (GDV). The team of surgeons led by Dr. Tarunbir Singh found the dog at a critical stage during his emergency duty. He had to do an emergency procedure called gastrotomy and stabilize the vital conditions of the dog.

“When the owners were informed about the line of treatment, they abandoned the pet without informing the attending surgeons. In view of the critical condition of the dog, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. The team of doctors took up the challenge and undertook a two-hour procedure which required surgical decompression of stomach and correction of the volvulus,” said Dr.Tarunbir.

What is GDV?

GDV is a common disorder in large breed dogs. It is prominent in cases where the dogs had a heavy meal before. The disorder could turn really ugly if immediate attention and treatment aren’t provided. Any delay in providing the treatment could lead to necrosis of the stomach (death of stomach cells) – which is irreversible. The first symptom that needs to be noticed by the pet owners is respiratory distress combined with distention of the abdomen. If you see your pet dog showing any of the mentioned symptoms, take it to your nearest veterinarian or emergency services immediately.

The Dean of the College of  Veterinary Sciences, Dr. Parkash Singh Brar says that the issue of pet abandonment is becoming a great matter of concern.

While Dr Brar congratulated the surgery team, he appealed to the owner to come and take possession of the pet.

There have been many cases where rich pet owners don’t want to provide post-operative care to their imported pedigree breed dog. However, the good thing is that there are many positive dog loving people who are looking to adopt old dogs and give them the care and love they deserve.

Reference: The Tribune

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