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A Thanksgiving Miracle? Lost Dog Returns Home Just Before Thanksgiving

The Dotson family living in West Toledo, Ohio, lost their dog (Kodie) almost 8 months ago. The Dotson’s never imagined they would see Kodie ever again, since the missing time period was over 8 months.

Kodie and Lillie were their two dogs that went missing from their yard. They got Lillie back after few weeks when someone found her. But there was still no news on Kodie. Danielle and her husband made posters and hanged them up all over the town. They got in touch with local businesses to help find their dog. They got several calls of sightings but they could never find him.

“I thought at this point someone had picked him up and I wasn’t getting him back,” said Danielle Dotson.

The Thanksgiving Miracle

This Thanksgiving week started with a surprise. Danielle found two dogs roaming on the street recently, she picked them up and checked Toledo Area Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook, to see if their owner has posted any pictures. To her suprise, she found that someone has posted a picture of Kodie.

“I had to go onto the Facebook page that I posted him lost on to see if anyone posted about these lost dogs,” explained Danielle. “I didn’t see anything, I kept scrolling and that’s when I saw a main administrator had posted a photo of him and I knew that was my dog.”

She hurried down to Lucas County Canine Care and Control to pick Kodie up and bring him home.

“We didn’t think we were getting him back after him being gone for eight months so for us to find him it was a shock and everyone was completely happy,” said Danielle.

Dotson’s have no idea where Kodie has been in the last eight months or how he was found this week. However, they are Thankful to have their dog back home for Thanksgiving.

(Feature image source – Danielle Dotson)

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