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Monday , February 26 2024
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A Dog Buried Alive

A Dog Buried Alive While Sleeping On A Road In Agra

A shocking incident has come to light in the Taj city Agra after a road crew buried a sleeping dog under bitumen and built a road over the dead body of the dog.

The incident came into notice when the local residents and passerby saw the half-buried body of the dog on Agra’s Fatehabad road.

The anger of the people prompted Agra’s Sadar police department to register an FIR against unknown persons. The SHO said they were trying to identify the accused.

“A fresh layer of coal tar was being laid on the road from Phool Sayyed crossing towards the Circuit House and the Taj Mahal. A dog was sleeping on one side of the road. Instead of chasing the animal or removing it physically, burning coal tar was poured over it. Later, a road roller crushed the animal. The body has now disappeared,” social activist Naresh Paras told PTI.

News agency ANI reported,

A case under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was filed with the police. Area residents demonstrated outside the Sadar police station in Agra to demand action against the “dog killers.”

The project’s contractor in-charge said that an inquiry was underway and “those found guilty would be shunted out as punishment.”

Angst in Social media after dog buried alive in Agra

The pictures of the half-buried dog were shared on Facebook & Twitter early on Wednesday. A number of people reacted angrily and sought action against the people responsible for the incident.

Here’s how people reacted to the barbarity on Twitter

Reference:  PTI

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