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Saturday , May 18 2024
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6 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Bluenose Pit bull

Are you bored at home with nothing to do with your bluenose pitbull?

Not anymore; here are six unusual but exciting activities you can engage with your dog.  Any of these fun activities will be a great way to bond with your dog as you both keep fit.

Why spend time with your dog?

Ever since the pandemic started, more people were searching for blue nose pitbull puppies for sale online. Adopting a pet is a good decision because it helps you deal with feelings of stress and anxiety. Animals can feel the heat of the situation as well, and it is up to us humans to assure them that everything is alright.

Spending more time with your bluenose pitbull pup is healthy for both of you. You get to bond and find out more about each other. Also, bonding with your dog helps reduce feelings of anxiety in your pet. You also have more time to train your dog on good behavior.


Are you looking for a great model to pose as the main subject in your nature photography? Well, look no further than the bluenose furry friend wagging his tail beside you. Bluenose pitbull puppies are known for their excitement and willingness to try anything with their favorite human.

Take out your camera and go out when the sun is out. The time you spend together is perfect for bringing out your dog’s personality through a lens.

If he is an excited pup, take great shots of him dashing through the forest or scaling a steep slope tongue-wagging. But if he is a chilled bluenose pity, take frames of him resting against a beautiful natural vista.

Open a social media page for your dog as well. When your bluenose pitbull gets instafamous, the endorsements will start coming.

Alternatively, take family photos with your dog that will go on your walls or Christmas postcards. It could turn into a full-fledged business where you brand items like t-shirts and caps with your dog’s photo and sell them as merchandise.

Pet-sit other animals

If you live with a blue nose pit puppy, then you are an animal lover. Babysitting other pets is a great way to socialize blue nose pitbull terrier puppies with other animals. Build a professional profile as a pet-sitter and make sure your blue pity is in the profile photo. Other pet parents will trust you with their animals if they see you are taking good care of your pitbull dog.

Alternatively, adopt a second pet as a sibling to your bluenose pitbull pup. It is a perfect distraction for your dog if you have a busy schedule. Get a cat, rabbit, or goldfish to amuse your pity.

However, if your bluenose puppy is inquisitive, he may end up prying into the space of the other animal. Supervise the two animals during the first few weeks until they are comfortable in each other’s company.

Go hiking

One way to enjoy the Spring season is to go hiking with your blue pity. You not only keep fit, but you also have a great time bonding with your furry mate. If you just adopted a bluenose pitbull puppy, this is a great way to socialize the dog to new sights and smells.

Allow the pup to explore the woods sniffing and marking its territory. Start with small hikes and gradually increase the duration as your puppy grows more fit. Ensure you are carrying plenty of water and snacks for both of you. Your blue pity will be hungry after the hike.

Play football

Do you have an open yard with plenty of grass? A game of football would be a great pastime with your dog. Dogs love to chase moving objects around, and a bluenose pitbull pup is no different. Also, it is possible to train your dog to chase and run with the ball or bring it back to you.

Alternatively, you could invite friends over and pass the ball to each other while your pup runs after it. Another great idea is making your bluenose puppy the goalie.

Set up goal posts and train your pup to man the goal area as you take shots. Football is a brilliant game for expelling pent-up energy in your dog.

Knit with your dog

Who said only cats get thrilled by a ball of yarn? Your  XL pitbull puppy would very much love to join you for an afternoon of relaxing and knitting. Fido could be resting on your lap, by your fit, or playing with a ball of yarn.

This activity is perfect if you want a quiet afternoon of bonding with your pet. It is also an opportunity to stitch together Christmas jumpers or Halloween costumes for your fur baby.

Go bike-jogging

Bike jogging or bikejoring is a new sport suited for high-energy dogs like an XXL bluenose pitbull puppy. As the puppy grows older, it becomes stronger, bolder, and willing to try more challenging stuff.

Bikejoring is simply tying a leash to your bike and letting your dog pull you like a sled. This recreational spot helps expel pent-up energy and build muscle.

While bikejoring is fun, your blue nose pitbull dog’s well-being is of importance. Do not use a neck leash for this sport. It puts too much pressure on the dog’s neck, which can cause injuries.

Instead, get your bluenose pity a harness that distributes pressure throughout its body. To vary the intensity level, let your dog wear a pitbull weighted vest. It adds resistance which is good for toning your dog’s limb and back muscles.


There are plenty of fun activities out there you can engage your bluenose pitbull puppy. These six fun activities are great to get you through spring with your fur baby.

Make sure you are exercising, hydrating, and feeding your bluenose pity a high-quality diet.  It helps them keep fit and healthy.

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