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Thursday , November 26 2020
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5 Ways To Prevent Allergies In Dogs

You may have heard that humans are allergic to dogs, but did you know that dogs can suffer from allergies as well?

It is not unusual for our furry little friends to suffer allergic reactions due to pollen, mold, dust etc. Dogs’ immune system can get irritated due to sudden changing environment and allergies can take over. Of course there are medications that can help with canine allergies, but there are a few things that you can do at your end to avoid an expensive trip to the veterinarian. (Please note that in case of severe allergic reactions due to food, environment, smoke etc. consult your veterinarian immediately as it could be fatal.)

#1. Give them a bath

While your dog’s tongue can help him clean, he still needs a good bath every now and then to clean his fur and complete body. Using a dog approved shampoo and conditioner can help clean a dog with dual layered fur coat. However, it is important to check the ingredients of the shampoo to ensure that it doesn’t contain any substance that can cause skin allergy in your dog.

#2. Keep them groomed

While bathing can help keep them clean, regular grooming can help them stay clean and fresh longer. Combing their fur on a daily basis rules out the chances of them contracting any flea or tick related allergy. Don’t forget to check their paws every night to ensure they are clean. It is better to wash their paws after they come back from outside. During winters, you can get dog socks or shoes that can help keep their paws clean and healthy.

#3. Keep your home clean

While the stuff coming from outside can cause allergic reactions; a messy or unkempt home can become a breeding ground for environmental irritants. Let it be dust, mold, or mildew, all these can cause severe allergic reactions to your dog. It is imperative to vacuum your carpets and sofas regularly, also ensure your air filters are clean. If your dog has a favorite bed, toy or blanket, make sure to wash them too on a regular basis.

#4. Watch the food

Dogs are notorious eaters. They will eat anything you eat and sometimes that is not good for their health. You need to watch closely what they eat. Dogs have a tendency to develop food allergies if they are kept on a same diet for a long time. A little variety in food can help them build their digestive system strong and immunity stronger. If you are giving them dry food from a branded company, make sure to check the ingredients.

#5. Add Supplements

Some dog breeds such as Golden retrievers, Labradors, Boxers, and Beagles etc. are prone to allergies. You can add supplements to their diet to build their immunity. Natural supplements including biotins, Omega-3 fatty acids etc. are beneficial for your dog. You can also get them started on CBD treats. Studies show that CBD oil can help boost dogs’ immune system. You can read more about it at Greendorphin.com.


Lastly, keep them hydrated. A clean water bowl with fresh water filled on a daily basis can help them stay clear of allergies.

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