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Thursday , May 30 2024
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360 Degree Adventure Opens Dog Park In Pune

A new adventure dog park has opened in Pune by 360 Degree Adventure. The location holds over 120 acres of nature and promised to be a perfect getaway for families and their pet dogs. The dog park amenities include a dog pool, exciting jungle gym, agility & obstacle courses and a large off-leash area for your pooch to exercise, run around and socialize.

Park Rules To Keep In Mind

Read these guidelines carefully:

  • Dogs must be leashed until safely inside the Dog Park and returned to a leash prior to exiting.
  • Dog handlers must be at least 18 years of age and only 2 dogs per person.
  • Please remain in the park area in view of your dog, carry a leash and have voice control over your pet at all times.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Aggressive dogs, female dogs in heat, sick dogs & pups below 4 months are not allowed inside.
  • Please clean up after your dog & dispose of dog waste in the bins.
  • While small training treats are permitted, food in bowls & long-lasting chews are not allowed.
  • Owners acknowledge responsibility for damage caused by their dog to guests at 360, outside of the dog park in other areas of 360 Degree Adventure.
  • Owners assume the risk of injury to their dog by the actions of other dogs.
  • Owners acknowledge that 360 Degree Adventure does not, at all times, supervise the activities of other owners or their dogs while on the premises.
  • Management reserves the right to remove any dog from the premises.

Park Memberships

Basic Membership

​Rs 5,500/-* + GST:

One year unlimited park access for one dog

Single Entry:​

Rs 600: One-Time access to the park for one dog.

K9 Membership

​Rs 7000/-*  + GST:

One year unlimited park access for one dog

One night Camping stay for 2 people with dog.

Alpha Membership

​Rs 9000/-* + GST

One year unlimited park access for one dog

One night Glamping stay for 2 (+2) people with dog.

For more information, visit 360 Degree Adventure

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