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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Dispensary For Stray Animals

24×7 Free Dispensary For Stray Animals Opens In Noida

A free animal dispensary and mobile OPD has been set up in Sector 55 of Noida by a non-profitable group called House of Stray Animals. The dispensary will be open 24×7 and will provide free treatment to strays.

The dispensary has been set up on the main road, which goes towards Khoda village.

The clinic will be overseen by expert veterinary doctors and have a mobile OPD to treat suffering stray animals. Facility of an emergency OPD-on-wheels will also be available for animals who have suffered serious injuries in accidents.

People can get in touch with the organisation or the dispensary to inform about the injured animals.

“The aim of this dispensary is to provide quick and free treatment to stray animals. We also have a moving OPD facility which can be utilised to treat animals in different areas,” said Sanjay Mohapatra, president of the House of Stray Animals.

The dispensary will also provide free anti-rabies vaccination facility 24×7 throughout the year. It is equipped with a portable X-ray machine, vaccinations, ambulance and operation theatre.

The organisation will be tying up with Dr Lal PathLabs for the facility of blood tests. Animals who will be rescued by the dispensary will be admitted at the Noida Animal Shelter.

“With the vaccination of animals, we are also making our society rabies free. We have got the permission to run this dispensary for one year, for now. With the help of this dispensary, we hope to provide some relief to stray animals. We will be happy if people come forward and donate for the welfare of stray animals,” Mohapatra said.

The dispensary will also be organising adoption camps to encourage people to adopt stray animals.

“We will be organising awareness camps in various societies and colleges. We all need to develop sensitivity towards animals to stop cruelty against them,” Mohapatra sai

Reference: Hindustan times

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