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Thursday , February 22 2024
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dog pound in Panchkula

2 Acres Of Land Given To Extend City’s Dog Pound In Panchkula

Panchkula Municipal corporation has cleared 2 acres of land to build a modern dog pound and dog-sterilisation centre. However, the request has been sent to the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (Puda) chief minister’s Sandeep Hans.

He said, “The possession of the land now will be given very soon.”

The floor area of the stray-dog pound has been increased by adding an acre at the Industrial Area Phase III.

MC joint commissioner Kanu Thind said:

“We have plans to increase the floor area of the dog and cattle pounds of Mohali. Acres right behind the existing cattle pound will be acquired for the purpose. The request has been sent to Puda, and it was forwarded it to the CM’s office.”

She said that currently the stray dogs are being kept either in cages or in a room where they are brought for sterilisation.

“We need to give them open space to make their stay comfortable. We will also try not to keep dogs in cages before and after the operative sessions,” Thind said.

MC has plans to add a dog hospital in the same land and plans to construct more rooms for operating theatre. Currently, the dog sterilization and cattle pound are being run from the same plot but from separate buildings

The dog-sterilisation team is feeling crunched for space. Dog catchers are unable to keep the animals in at times. The doctor at the sterilisation centre said:

“It is very difficult to handle the residents who are bringing in more stray dogs to the pound and coming to claim the stray dogs that they say belong to their locality. These are the people who feed these dogs every night. We find hard to keep them away and make them understand that after sterilization we leave the dog at the same place from where it was captured. We also suggest to them that if they feed the dog, it’s better to adopt the animal and give it a home.”

At present 10 to 15 dogs are being sterilised daily in Mohali, said Kanu Thind.

She said, “The doctor or the other staff have not approached us with any problem. At present, the sterilization process is going very smooth and stray dogs are being sterilised on a regular basis.”

Reference: The Times Of India

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