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Thursday , June 20 2024
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Reasons to Keep a Pet Dog

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Pet Dog

Dogs are human’s best friends. They form a strong emotional attachment to their owners in the same way as human babies to their mothers. A dog is a compassionate friend, an entertainer, a protector, and a teacher for kids.

10 reasons why you should keep a pet dog:

1. Dogs can cure depression

1st point

Dogs are known for their companionship with humans, whether you believe it or not they can really improve your mood and temperament. A recent study has found that within merely 15-30 minutes of spending time with a pet, a person feels more relaxed and calm.

People who suffer from chronic diseases have lesser chances of depression if they keep pets in their homes. Canine therapy is prevalent around the world for this purpose. Playing games, walking your dog, and cuddling your pet dog can help you distress.

2. Dogs are a remedy for common health problems in people

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Health experts believe that dog owners have fewer chances of getting high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart attack if they are around their pet dog.

3. Dogs encourages you to exercise

Man playing tug of war in park with weimaraner puppy, side view

Dogs require going for daily walks, which means you’ve got to take a walk as well. At times, they even urge you to go for a walk even if you’re not in the mood. Playing with your pet dog, such as throwing the ball around also makes for good exercise.

It keeps you active and fit. Other activities with your dog like feeding, bathing, and cleaning can also give you good exercise.

4. Dogs never make you feel lonely

Man with dog

No matter how low or lonely you feel, a dog will always be there for you to cheer you up and give you company. Having a dog is like having a close friend with whom you can share all your secrets. You already know that they will never disclose your secrets to another person.

5. Dogs help you to be more social

point 5

They help you to be more confident and overcome your shyness. Doing activities with your dogs, going to dog parks or special events is good for you and your pet dog. It is a great way to interact with new people and mingle with other dog lovers. Your dog will enjoy mingling with other dogs too.

6. Dogs are the ultimate stressbusters

ponit 6

Experts believe that dogs help to reduce stress and anxiety levels in humans if they spend enough time with them. After a stressful working day, petting, cuddling, and spending some fun time with your pet dog can help reduce your stress significantly and make you feel happy.

7. They are the perfect guardians for your home

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You don’t need a burglar alarm if you have a pet dog at your home. Although, having a security alarm is an added bonus. Some dog breeds are perfect watchdogs. They make sure that you feel safe and secure in your home.

8. Dogs teach us good things

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Having a dog teaches us the true meaning of unconditional love, patience, selfless thinking, commitment, and responsibility. They teach us to value true friendship and loyalty. They help us become a better person.

9. Dogs are good for kids


According to science daily, dogs help to keep your child healthy. Kids who grow up with dogs in the same home have fewer chances of developing allergies and are less likely to have skin problems such as eczema. Spending time with dogs boosts their immune system and makes them stronger.

If a dog is introduced to a baby at an early age, they get protective of the baby and take care of them like a parent. Kids also love playing and spending time with dogs. Dogs can teach kids several character traits like kindness, trustworthiness, etc.

10. Dogs help working parents

point 9

In this modern era, working parents’ don’t have that much time to spend or play with their kids. Having a dog at home will help the children have a fun time and also keep them busy until their parents return home.

They can learn several valuable lessons from the dog as well. And being a true best friend, the dog will never make them feel alone. So, make a life-changing decision and get a dog for your home.

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