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Thursday , May 30 2024
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What Are The Signs Of My Dog's Dental Trouble

What Are The Signs Of My Dog’s Dental Trouble?

Dog owners usually complain of bad breath from their dogs. But, apart from bad breath, many other kinds of severe dental diseases can occur in your dog’s mouth.

Canine periodontal disease is one of the most common and prevailing diseases in dogs, and almost 80% of dogs are affected by it. Other than this, problems like cavity damage and gum diseases can affect a dog’s dental health.

These diseases are more likely to occur when the dogs reach the age of three years. Here is the list of some common dog dental troubles.

Periodontal disease

It is an infection caused by bacteria found in dental plaque. Periodontal disease starts with mild discoloration of the tooth if regular brushing and cleaning are not done correctly. Then, the plaque builds up in the teeth, and minerals present in the dog’s saliva harden this plaque over time.

The hardened plaque is converted into tartar which gets firmly attached to dogs’ teeth and causes periodontal disease. If this condition goes on, it starts digging into the roots of teeth and infects the surrounding tissues, thus damaging the whole mouth structure and causing the dog’s dental trouble.


It is a soft film caused by bacteria or food debris that daily accumulates in the mouth. The remains of chewed or swallowed food are left on the surface of teeth and cause the plaque to build up.

If brushing is initiated daily, then plaque is easily removed, but if plaque is not removed, it can damage the dog’s teeth. In addition, it can result in tartar formation, which firmly gets attached to the teeth surface and is the leading cause of common dog dental troubles.


When tartar is left untreated, bacterial action becomes a more complicated structure that is impossible to remove. It then affects the surrounding tissue of teeth too and digs below the gum tissue. The gums, after this action, become red and swollen, resulting in the condition of gingivitis. In addition, it results in varying degrees of gum infections, and tartar starts to dig below the gum line.


Plaque when the teeth reach the gum line, toxic substances are secreted, damaging the surrounding tissues. Bacterial infection is also seen here. This bacterial invasion, inflammation, and tissue damage can affect the dog’s immune system. It sends white blood cells and other chemicals to destroy the bacterial invaders.

Many soft and bony tissues of the tooth are damaged in this process, which is the periodontitis process. It is a common dog dental trouble.

Tooth root abscess

After the proper establishment of periodontitis and gingivitis, the bacteria invade the teeth’ deeper root. Here, bacteria starts to destroy the roots of teeth, cut off the blood supply to teeth, and destroy the affected tissue.

For this purpose, again, the immune system triggers the release of white blood cells here, resulting in the accumulation of cells forming pus or abscess.

After this stage, surgical intervention is required by a vet due to osteomyelitis infection. Large premolar teeth are mostly affected by this. Periodontal disease can also result in proper loss of teeth if not treated well.

Signs of dog’s dental trouble

  • Dogs faces difficulty in chewing or swallowing
  • Constantly drooling
  • Excess discharge from nose
  • Pawing near the mouth
  • Bad breath swelling under eyes
  • Visible tooth discoloration
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Rapid weight loss or loss of appetite


Just like humans, animals like a dog can also face dental and other health-related issues. Therefore, it is necessary to look after the dental problems of your dog beforehand to avoid consequences in the future.

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