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Wales-Based Spaniel Puppy with Six Legs Undergoes Surgery to Remove Excess Limbs

A spaniel puppy named Ariel discovered abandoned in a Pembroke car park last September, recently underwent surgery to remove her extra pair of fused back legs. The surgery, performed at Langford Vets small animal referral hospital in Somerset, was made possible through a successful fundraising appeal for Ariel’s medical expenses.

Greenacres Rescue charity, located near Haverfordwest, took Ariel in and provided her with care through a foster family. The decision to name her Ariel was inspired by the Disney character from “The Little Mermaid” due to the resemblance of her partially fused extra limbs to a mermaid’s tail. Born with multiple congenital disabilities, Ariel’s surgery involved the removal of the additional limbs.

The spokesperson for the charity reported that the surgery was successful thanks to computerized tomography (CT) images that revealed no unexpected complications. Ariel was in recovery and receiving care and affection from the nursing team. The charity expressed optimism about her quick and smooth recovery.

Mikey Lawlor, the founder and manager of Greenacres Rescue, shared positive updates about Ariel’s post-surgery progress. Two procedures lasting about two hours each were carried out successfully, and Ariel was up, walking, eating, and drinking the next day. Lawlor expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to Ariel’s story, with support pouring in from as far away as Australia.

The Langford Vets hospital director, Vicki Black, highlighted the collaborative efforts of various specialist-led teams involved in Ariel’s care. As part of the University of Bristol, the hospital is committed to innovation and continuous learning. Black expressed delight in Ariel’s successful recovery and commended the dedication of her many supporters.

With hopes for Ariel’s discharge to her foster family in West Wales over the weekend, the next steps involve weeks of physiotherapy and recovery. Lawlor emphasized the goal of finding Ariel a permanent home and expressed appreciation for everyone who contributed to her well-being.

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