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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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UK Prime Minister Orders Ban on American XL Bully Dogs Following Fatal Dog Attack
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UK Prime Minister Orders Ban on American XL Bully Dogs Following Fatal Dog Attack

On Thursday, people called emergency services for a man who was seriously injured after being bitten by two dogs near Birmingham. As per the emergency services, a man died after an attack in central England. This latest attack prompted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to vow action. 

People called Emergency services on Thursday to report about a man left injured seriously after being bitten by two dogs near Birmingham. The West Midlands Ambulance Service states, “Upon arrival we found a man who had sustained multiple life-threatening injuries and was in a critical condition. Unfortunately, after arrival at hospital, despite the best efforts it became clear that nothing more could be done to save him (and) he was confirmed deceased.” 

A man aged 30 was arrested on suspicion of having dogs out of control and posing a danger to the people, as per the Staffordshire Police. While the people are trying to determine the dogs’ breeds, Sunak suspects an American bully who are known for their muscular and stocky appearance.

The issue of dangerous dogs reached the top level of UK politics, that follows a series of attacks. 

On Saturday, an 11-year-old girl was attacked by a crossbreed puppy of American bully XL, and a Staffordshire bull terrier was severely injured. The incident led Interior Minister Suella Braverman to seek ‘urgent advice’ on whether the American bully XL breed should be banned. Interior Minister also tweeted after the attack, mentioning the attack as appalling while also adding, “The American XL Bully is a clear and lethal danger to our communities, particularly to children. We can’t go on like this. I have commissioned urgent advice on banning them.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak added on Friday, “It’s clear this is not about a handful of badly trained dogs. It’s a pattern of behaviour, and it cannot go on. “While owners already have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control, I want to reassure people that we are urgently working on ways to stop these attacks and protect the public. “Today I have tasked ministers to bring together police and experts to firstly define the breed of dogs behind these attacks with a view to then outlawing it.” 

Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, Japanese tosa, and pit bull terrier are banned in the UK currently. The American bully XL is related to the pit bull terrier; though larger, it is not subjected to legal restrictions. It is not recognized as a breed by the country’s Kennel Club, which complicates the efforts to legislate them. Sunak said defining the breed is vital. “We will then ban the breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act and new laws will be in place by the end of the year,” he added. “These dogs are dangerous. I want to reassure the public that we will take all necessary steps to keep people safe.”

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