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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Stray Dog Menace

Tricity Municipal Corporation Non-Serious Towards Stray Dog Menace

The heads of municipal corporations seems to be non-serious towards finding solutions towards stray dog menace in the Tricity. A meeting of the local administrations of Tricity was scheduled to take place on Monday, but commissioners of Mohali, Mr. Sandeep Hans and Panchkula commissioner, Mr. Rajesh Jogpal did not come to attend the meeting.

Chandigarh municipal commissioner, Jitender Yadav said that meeting became meaningless in the absence of the two bureaucrats.

“Both Panchkula and Mohali commissioners did not come for the meeting. It was pointless to discuss issues in their absence, so we wrapped up early. Initially, the meeting was on January 8, but it was cancelled and fixed on Monday. Panchkula commissioner and his PA were informed well in advance and a letter was also sent to them. Still, no official came from Panchkula. It was Jogpal, who had requested for the meeting,” said an official of Chandigarh MC.

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation called the meeting to discuss the stray dog issues faced by Tricity residents.

The MCs of Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh have been blaming each other for the growth in stray cattle and dog population in their areas.

According to officials

In the meeting, measures to stop stray dog menace were to be discussed. Panchkula MC Commissioner, Mr. Rajesh Jogpal said that he was not informed about the meeting.

He said, “The meeting I proposed was fixed on January 8, but Chandigarh MC Officials postponed the meeting. Nor my office nor was I informed about the meeting on Monday. I received a call from Chandigarh MC Office around 3pm, when I was at an inauguration function.”

Reference: The Times Of India

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