Tricity Animal lovers Ready To Take Care Of Strays dogs
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Tricity Animal lovers Ready T

Tricity Animal lovers Ready To Take Care Of Strays & Pets This Diwali

As we know Diwali festival is near, all animal lovers in the tricity have started spreading awareness about keeping the festival of lights safe for animals especially stray dogs as they are more prone to injuries during the festivities.

Groups, including Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), will be extending special services on Diwali for animals and have started looking for new volunteers to help them out. While SPCA will be offering an ambulance and round-the-clock emergency service. Furever Friends Foundation will be offering two ambulances for stray animals and pets.

Collars for stray dogs

Collars for stray dogs

Panchkula Animal Welfare Association will be offering around 50 neon collars for stray dogs to save them from accidents on Diwali.

Dr Kanwarjit Singh, UT joint director (animal husbandry) said they will extend ambulance service till midnight on Diwali.

 “Our doctors will also be available till midnight. The emergency OPD of veterinary hospital in Sector 22 will work round-the-clock,” he said.

Dr Singh said, animals were most prone to eye injuries, blisters, deafness, shock and anxiety during Diwali.

Furever Friends Foundation

Furever Friends started the initiative of a 24-hour ambulance service last year. They will begin their Ambulance service early this year on October 15 and offer it till October 25.

 “The service will be available in Tricity. This year, we will also be offering it to pets, but at a nominal price. For stray dogs, it will be free,” said Vikas Luthra, founder-member of Furever Friends.

Furever Friends received 3-4 cases around every day during Diwali celebrations last year. Though all animals are prone to injuries, dogs are affected the most.

“Dogs have sensitive ears, so they are prone to a heart attack; in anxiety, they may fall from a height or run towards the road and meet with an accident. So, the noise crackers create is very dangerous for them,” Luthra said.

At present, the group is looking for volunteers.

“Tushar, a volunteer from Indore-based Pawstivity, has started a drive for sending neon collars for free. On October 15, all city coordinators will put collars around dogs living in areas where they are more prone to injuring themselves. For Tricity, they are donating 50 neon collars,” said city coordinator for the drive, Meenakshi Mahapatra.

Call for Ambulance


Furever Friends78884-16969, 73074-56661

How can you help?

  • Sponsoring the fuel for ambulances.
  • Pay for medicines to be used for treating animals.
  • Volunteer yourself for services.
  • Don’t burst crackers. They are injurious for animals

Reference: The Times Of India

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