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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Tragic Discovery in Chennai 30 Dogs Found Dead in Garbage Dump
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Tragic Discovery in Chennai: 30 Dogs Found Dead in Garbage Dump

Residents of the Madambakkam suffered a shock after spotting the carcasses of 30 dogs beneath a pile of garbage on this Sunday morning. 

A group of residents who walked past the garbage dumped on Secretariat Colony, Pathuvanchery, spotted the carcasses. They then alerted Raj K, who is Ward 69’s councilor. 

A resident stated, “We saw a bowl of milk near the garbage. We suspect that dogs must have died after drinking the milk.” Even though Selaiyur police got the information about the incident, there was no registered complaint. The dogs were also buried on the same day.

A police officer from Selaiyur said they would be informing the public health department at the Tambaram corporation.

Tambaram residents have been going through the street dog menace for some time. A resident said, “Whoever is responsible for this tragedy must be held accountable.”

General Manager of Blue Cross of India, Dawn Williams, said residents should inform animal shelters and get them neutered and vaccinated if the stray dog menace needs control. He added, “With no place to go, these dogs end up near garbage dumps searching for food. People should immediately alert shelters of Blue Cross instead of subjecting them to torture. 

Residents also spoke out about the inability to contact a functional helpline number to call for immediate assistance or ambulance services in case of distressed animals.

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