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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Top 10 Tips on How to Take Cute Photos of Your Dog

Top 10 Tips on How to Take Cute Photos of Your Dog

It’s always tedious a get a snap of your dog because they are always busy chasing some animals in a quiver or run. So, it is pretty tough to get a picture of your choice.

If you can get a picture at this moment, the result will be a running dog with a blurry leg portion. Getting a good snap is a combination of fortune and technique. Still, they are the best subjects for photography-related to pets.

Their vitality, freakishness, and exuberance make a delightful frame of photography. For example, the cute and sweet expression of your furry friend makes your heart melt.

So, it’s significant to get a perfect shot. It is not an easy task. But if you are patient enough to spend some time doing it properly, the result will be awesome.

Usually, people think that only a good camera can do the wonder. But the fact is that there is no requirement for such a thing. You can get a good snap through a normal one.

In the article, we will share some tips to help get a good snap of your furry companion. So, follow the process to get a better glimpse.

1. Be accustomed to the camera

Before you go to a paparazzi mode, be sure that you are accustomed to the presence of the camera. In front of the camera, they must feel easygoing and pleasant.

You can create something to accustom them to the atmosphere before your photo session starts. First of all, make it short and comfortable for your doggo.

The total duration should be full of enjoyment for you and your furry companion. It’s better to take a look at your dog’s behavior. Whether they are relaxed or annoyed, whether their mouth is normal or shaking? If their tail is in the usual way, it indicates they are in their comfort zone.

Encourage your dog to feel more accustomed and be comfortable with the camera. The best is to permit them to smell your phone as they like. It’s better to give him some food treats, compliments, and fun toys that make him more pleasant in this photography session.

Give some whistling toy to divert their attention from the camera during photo-shoot and keep him busy. If you observe licking of lips, yawning, and looking far away, this is the indication that he is very anxious. So, the primary purpose of the photography will end, it’s better to end the session.

Take you to dog’s eye level to get a snap

2. Take you to dog’s eye level to get a snap

Generally, people take the photo in a standing gesture and place the camera in a downward manner to get the photo. To get better bonding between you and your dog, get down to their eye level for an emotional linkage.

It’s recommended in case of downing your camera towards the dog. Get the snap of your dog from eye level or below eye level. The best is taking it at a straight eye level.

For this condition, you may become wet and grimy. It’s better to place a mattress in this situation. Cause this mattress not only helps you to keep dry but it’s easy to carry since it’s small in size and also easy to clean.

3. The focal point should be the dog’s eye

For your dog photography, the eye is the point of attraction to capture a proper image of the emotion. For a feeling in your picture, it’s better to take some close views of the face of your dog.

It’s better to focus directly on the eyes and not on other parts of the face like the nose or forehead. Minor movement may lose your focus from the dog’s eye.

How to take dog pic in best way

4. Keep the back side simplistic

Your furry friend consists of lots of utterance, disposition, and affection in the complete process. Simply making your backdrops highlights your dog’s characteristics primarily.

5. Keep natural light

Mother nature’s most precious gift is the sun. It is a blessing for nonprofessional photographers. When there is sun, there is no requirement for a high-end camera of artificial lighting as you need in professional photography.

In the case of indoor photography in the daytime, open all the doors and windows so that plenty of sunlight can enter and give a good snap.

6. Keep the Hour of Golden rules of photography

According to the photography rules, the early morning, just after sunrise, and before sunset is the ideal time for the photoshoot. In photographer language, it is called the golden time hour of photography.

It is the time 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. Between this one hour, a golden color shade gives a warmth to the surrounding atmosphere.

So, be ready to utilize this moment. It stays only for a few minutes. It is better to go outside when this moment comes and utilize the aura of nature.

7. Try to take their cuteness

Try to take a candid moment of your dog or, better to say when they look cute. For example, when your dog relaxes with an open belly, be ready with your photography tools for this situation.

8. Try to use portrait mode on your phone

Portrait mode is best for your dog photography which highlights your dog feature by blurring the background.

9. Add some effect through the edit

You can add some effects by using the filter. Do some cropping to emphasize. Balance some color through saturation.

10. Show the output to the subject

It’s a good practice to show the subject what the photographer has captured in the camera. So, show your capture to your dog.

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