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Travelling with dog

Things Dog Make You Learn When You Travel Together

Guest post!

Travelling with your pets comes with a lot of responsibility. Quite recently, I was thinking to take my miniature German shepherd named Leo to Sydney. I had been doing a lot of research for the packing essentials, health issues, temperament problems, etc.

Although Leo is calm and friendly in behavior and I trained him to stay in confined places for hours. I consulted the vet for his approval and advice before setting out for the trip. Surprisingly, it was a huge success for me!

It was a lot better experience than I had expected. Afterward, I took Leo everywhere I went whether it was a road trip or by air journey. During these trips, I learned 7 amazing life lessons from Leo:

1. Be in the “Now”

Travelling with dog

Leo has always been a very gentle and friendly pooch. His liveliness is admirable. The way he sticks out his tongue during a road trip to feel the “wind” brush through his fur is somewhat amazing.

Regardless of the fact that I am taking him to a vet, museum, park, or some lonely space, he enjoys the moments in the car entirely. Whether it’s a stressful situation or a depressing one, Leo is living in the moment and extracting the best out of each second of life.

As humans, we often forget to laugh or even smile for hours. But, pets like Leo can remind you that life is an ongoing process, and troubles are temporary. Be thankful for life, and enjoy it fully.

When I used to travel without pets, I found myself stuck often! Leo has now taught me to play the game of life with full devotion. Success and failure don’t matter!

2. Build Relationship

Build relationship with other dogs

Leo has got a friendly temperament from his genetic makeup. I also trained him well during his early years to socialize well with other pets and dogs.

During my trip to Sydney, my efforts paid me off well when Leo was all friendly with everyone. He was attempting to communicate with other dogs without any fear.

His brave attitude pushed me to communicate with strangers and make new friends at the stranger’s land.

3. Language Barrier Is a Myth

Leo taught me that the communication gap is a myth. We just have to take the first step and initiate a conversation. Leo not only communicated with other dogs but with other people as well when they praised him.

From that moment on, I have never been afraid of talking to strangers even through gestures. People understood me and they have always been kind enough to help.

4. Protect Your Possessions

Dogs are pack leaders who are protective of their owners and their possessions. I always felt safe with Leo and could leave my luggage anywhere for Leo to look after them.

Not just that, I have also become careful about my things and keep them safe. Leo helps me in reminding everything that’s being left behind in the hotel room while we’re checking out.

5. Explore Nature, not Museums

Leo loves to go to parks, walk on roads, and explore the mountain tops. Public places that are studded with Nature are what Leo loves to explore.

Museums are another reminder of the past. Leo is never interested in walking through museums, concerts, and exhibitions.

Leo tells me to enjoy the present (what’s living and is not dead). For hours, Leo would sit with me on park benches and see what’s going on around us. This activity has also enhanced my self-awareness. The credit goes to Leo!

6. Stay focused

Leo has a great focus. If he is playing go-fetch with me, he is entirely focused on the ball. When he is hungry, he wants food at any cost. Unless I give him 4health dog food, he will not think of anything else.

Play means to play, and sleep means sleep to him. During long trips, Leo has been very patient during hours of confinement!

We are often involved in multitasking, and forget what we really are doing at the moment. Leo taught me to complete everything before moving on to the next. No more hustle and everything is done on time!

7. Love and Be Loved

Leo never cares about the fact that he has come to a stranger’s land. He tries to communicate with other people, play with other dogs, and love the people who praise him.

Another thing I noticed was that he never kept a grudge for days. It was momentary! If someone behaved aggressively for the first time but loved him a lot the next time, he could easily forget the first impressions.

It’s Leo who taught me to love everyone. It’s a give-and-take relationship. If you love others, others will love you!

Author Bio

Fiona Appleton is a Labrador owner. She is the manager of Ultimatehomelife that has been developed to help people solve the troubles of pet ownership. She is an active advocate of animal protection campaigns. She wants people to understand that dog behavior is reflective of our behavior.

DISCLAIMER: DogExpress does not endorse or take responsibility for the content in the guest post.

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