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Thursday , May 30 2024
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TC dog

Stray Dog Beaten By Railway Cops Gets A New Home

A stray dog, named TC was beaten by personnel of Railway Police Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP) in Mumbai. They did so as the canine boarded the Churchgate-Virar local ladies department. The dog was assaulted thrice in its five-hour journey on the train. The dog sustained several injuries and was rescued by an activist, Omkar Rane.

Rane tried his best to find out from where the dog had originally come, but it was of no use. He then started to look for people who are willing to adopt the pooch.

According to Rane,”I called all my friends who love animals. I struck gold with Lorenzo Stanben, who agreed to adopt the dog. I wanted to give him to a person who is attached to animals. I drove to Bhimashankar, a few kilometres away from Pune, where Lorenzo runs an NGO and animal sanctuary called ‘Life’. He completely understands the care TC needs.”

They named the canine TC, short for Ticket Checker – a tongue-in-cheek reminder of how the dog got in trouble by boarding the train. However, they mean no offense to railway officials.  TC was in trauma and afraid of humans near him after the whole incident. It took a lot of care to stabilize the dog.

TC is already doing better at his new home, where he has plenty of space to run about, as well as other dogs to play with. “TC was a stray dog, so we can’t confine him indoors. He needs time to overcome all the trauma he has gone through. He is feeling more secure at the animal sanctuary,” said Stanben.

Reference: Mid-day

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