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Wednesday , April 17 2024
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Stray Dog Adoption in Hyderabad

Stray Dog Adoption Program In Hyderabad | Dog News

Now the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has initiated a stray dog adoption programme in order to control stray dog menace in the city.

Stray dog adoption programme

The GHMC has started a stray dog adoption centre in Jeedimetla on Sunday. They plan to implement this stray dog adoption program with the help of the volunteers, NGOs and resident welfare associations.

By now, GHMC has succeeded in finding caring homes for five stray dogs, including a stray puppy that was handed over to a woman – Uma Reddy of Sarva Jeeva Samithi.

Dr. Venkateswar Reddy, GHMC chief veterinary officer said “I request the colony associations and individuals to co-operate and adopt stray dogs instead of spending on purchasing dogs.”

Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccination programme

From last 9 years, the civic body is running an Animal Birth Control with Anti Rabies Vaccination programme (ABC/ARV) to curb stray dog menace and rabies.  However, the results haven’t been much productive.

As per the programme suggested by AWBI and approved by WHO –

  • The civic body catches stray dogs
  • Subjects them to birth control operation
  • Vaccinate them with anti-rabies vaccination
  • And release them back in the same area from where they are picked up

“In this programme, approximately one lakh stray dogs are sterilized per year in GHMC limits”, the civic body said in a statement.

AWBI method failing in curbing stray dog menace

Even with regular attempts, the civic body has failed to curb the stray dog menace.

“There are several cases in slums where individuals do not allow us to take adopted stray dogs for vaccination and they do not provide the dog with appropriate vaccination and treatment,” said a GHMC official.

High proliferation rate, migration of dogs and abandoned pet dogs are the major reason for dog menace in the society.

Reference: The Times Of India 

We hope that this new step of adopting stray dogs could bring a change in the state of stray dog menace in the society. What do you think?

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