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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Ratan Tata Appeals To People To Adopt Abandoned Dogs

A proud owner of two pet dogs and an ardent dog lover, philanthropist, industrialist Ratan Tata has always been quite vocal about his love for animals. Last year, he won the hearts of many dog lovers and people when he dedicated a part of his Mumbai residence to the street dogs. Recently, he came forward with an emotional appeal to the citizens of India in an attempt to get abandoned dogs adopted.

He requested people to help find a home for a 9-month old abandoned Labrador, Mr. Ratan Tata wrote,

“Of all the different sufferings that animals today have to go through, my heart truly breaks for the ones that get abandoned by families. I cannot imagine what must go through their minds when one day they have a home, and the next they don’t. The kindness in 9-month-old Myra’s eyes still stays after being abandoned, and I could really use your help in finding her a family,” His empathy towards the voiceless creatures is evident in the message he shared.

He also urged users to not be hasty in making a decision to adopt a dog. He mentions,  “Please don’t be hasty in making this decision, but if you know someone or if you are that someone willing to make her believe in us again, please fill the link in my bio #onehomeatatime”

Along with his heartfelt post, Tata also shared two pictures of the canine. With a following of over six lakh, it did not take long for the post to go viral and be flooded with reactions. Check the post below!

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