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Thursday , December 7 2023
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Puppy with Six Legs Discovered Abandoned in Parking Lot

Puppy with Six Legs Discovered Abandoned in Parking Lot

A puppy with six legs was discovered abandoned in a supermarket parking lot in Pembrokeshire. The 11-week-old female spaniel had extra hind limbs and two vulvas. People have raised over £2,000 to surgically remove her extra back legs, although there’s a risk of losing one of her remaining “normal” back legs during the process.

A kind passer-by found the distressed pup and took her to Greenacres Rescue near Haverfordwest. At Fenton Vets in town, she was named Ariel due to her extra back legs resembling a mermaid’s tail. Ariel had a tough start and was very timid when she arrived at the rescue center.Puppy with Six Legs Discovered

Greenacres’ founder and manager, Mikey Lawlor, mentioned that Ariel didn’t seem to have been left alone for long as her coat was dry, and she wasn’t hungry or severely underweight. Ariel’s extra legs are essentially fused and non-functional, and her pelvis didn’t develop properly due to having two hip joints on one side. This may require the removal of her normal back right leg as well.

Ariel’s extra vulva will be removed later during her spaying. The plan is to let Ariel recover for a month in a foster home to see how she adjusts to life after her ordeal. Many people have expressed interest in adopting her, but Greenacres will wait to decide until they know more about her future.

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