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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Philippine Corgi Triumphs at World Dog Show 2023
Dog owner Wency Villanueva and his Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dalbong (Image Credits: Wency Villanueva via Facebook)

Philippine Corgi Triumphs at World Dog Show 2023

In the recent World Dog Show 2023 held in Geneva, Switzerland, a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Eastern Promise of Hamarang, cutely known as Dalbong, won the world title.

Paw parent of Dalbong, Wency Villanueva, shared this exciting news on Facebook about his dog’s grand win. The Corgi emerged as one of the Best of Breed champions in this breed class, surpassing hundreds of Corgis in the competition.

With overflowing emotions, Wency expressed their gratitude towards the victory. He also described the moment with Dalbong to be a remarkable highlight of their lives and extended appreciation to his pup for the dedication he showed inside the ring.

During the earlier stages of the competition, Dalbong also claimed the title of Champion Class winner while receiving an FCI-CACIB certificate.

Apart from acknowledging Dalbong’s hard work, Wency also expressed his gratitude towards the judges and supporters from the Philippines, Villanueva.

He also encouraged fellow enthusiasts to believe in themselves and their pups. Wency’s message was filled with determination and perseverance, urging others to keep pushing forward and nurturing passion until they achieve the desired success.

Last July, Dalbong earned the “Best in Show” accolade at the Thailand International Dog Show 2023.

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