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Thursday , June 13 2024
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Pet Insurance Now In India Too

Pet Insurance Now In India Too

The number of pet owners is growing at quite a fast pace in India. We all know that pets are expensive to buy and take care of. However, we always treat them as our family.

Talking about family, we make sure that our human family members have medical and life insurance. So, why not give the same importance to our furry little family member? Many foreign countries offer extensive pet insurance schemes to value the life of their loved furry friends.

Now, you can get your dog insured in India as well.

It is a fact that pet insurance has never been popular in India. One of the major reasons is the lack of awareness about it among the people. So, New India Insurance Company has introduced dog-specific insurance that provides coverage to dogs from 8 weeks old to 8 years old against death due to accident, or certain illnesses. The company will bear 80% of the claim amount and the Insured will bear 20% of the claim amount.

Dog Insurance information

  1. Dogs in the age group of 8 weeks to 8 years will be insured.
  2. Dogs of indigenous origin, cross-bred and exotic breeds are covered under the scheme.
  3. Valuation to be done by a qualified Veterinary Doctor at the time of proposing the insurance.
  4. Insured dogs must be suitably identified by one of the following methods:
    1. Tattooing
    2. Nose Print
    3. Photograph

Normal identification marks and breed, sex, age, etc., should be clearly described in the Veterinary Certificate. The cost of identifications is to be borne by the Insured only.

  1. Detailed pedigree record, kennel club record should be submitted along with Vet. Certificate.
  2. The basic premium rate is 5 % of the sum insured.

Insurance Coverage

Dogs are insured against death due to accidents and/or diseases contracted during the period of insurance subject to usual terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

Here is the application form to apply for Dog insurance

Application Form (674 KB)RTF file

To learn more about dog insurance policy, claim procedure, indemnity, etc. visit The new India assurance

Is your pet dog insured? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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