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Pet insurance from a vet’s view

Pet insurance from a vet’s view

Most dog owners pay the medical cost from their pockets in India. It becomes pretty difficult for those who do not have a high income and hence cannot separate the money for pet healthcare. There is a cause of concern regarding financial difficulties for dog parents while meeting the growing expenses.

Moreover, you can’t predict the future of your pet.

It is tough to estimate the cost of treatment during the pets’ emergency or bad health conditions. Therefore, pet insurance is the only tool that protects you from the financial dilemma. Also, you can treat your dog without any hesitation.

No matter how much care we take for our dogs, it is almost impossible to understand the time and severity of the diseases. Also, we can’t prevent anything worse from happening to them.

So, in such conditions, it’s our part of the responsibility to provide them a decent medication so that they can recover. Dog insurance is the solution through which we can treat them well without affecting our financial condition.

There is a chance of medical issues for a pet every year. There is quite a high cost involved with such a medical condition. According to several veterinarians in India, they have to compromise with the treatment at the request of the dogs’ owners.

Owners who are not wealthy enough find it quite hard to afford the cost involved with medication. So, they request the vets to treat the dogs at a superficial level so that the cost incurred doesn’t affect them much.

According to many vets in India, the situation would not be so grim if the dog owners had opted for pet insurance. When the owners visit them and face monetary issues, many vets suggest opting for affordable pet insurance in India. Initially, while paying yearly premiums, it may seem that it’s a recurring cost. However, in the long run, it benefits dog owners.

General expenses related to dog

Every year dog owners spend a hefty sum of money on their dogs, including toys, food, grooming, training, treats, etc.

In addition, some medical expenses like regular check-ups and vaccinations cost a thousand rupees each time. Here you can consider that your dog is in good health. However, the expenses may further soar if the pets have diseases.

The ones mentioned above are part of general health-related concerns that are somewhat considered normal. But when an accident or emergency develops, it may surge into a critical situation.

Unpredictable and usually costly vet expenditure is hard to estimate. For example, in some bites incidents, breaking of bones, and swallowing of foreign elements, the treatment cost is nearly a few thousand rupees.

On the other hand, a realignment cost nears about ten thousand rupees in case of surgery, excluding the cost of the test and anesthesia.

Sometimes, emergencies can form a long-term cost issue. Also, in chronic situations, regular medication is mandatory. To tackle expenses associated with pet health, vets suggest that dog owners go for pet insurance.

Health risks related to breed 

Health risks related to breed 

If you doubt opting for insurance, think about the given breed-specific variety. Some breeds are prone to particular diseases that increase your expense in case of medical issues.

For example, large breeds are prone to dysplasia which needs surgery to fix, and hence it costs higher. On the other hand, French bulldog develops spine-related issues that need testing, imaging, and surgery. As a result, its cost is around 20,000 thousand rupees.

Vets feel that the pet insurance offered by many insurance companies these days can act as a savior to the pet owners in such cases. If the pet owners have a good pet insurance plan, they can let the vets treat their dogs without thinking of expenses at every step.

If requested, the vets even provide a proper expenditure plan to the owners based on the dog’s breed, age, and health condition. Then, based on expenditure, the owner can opt for the pet insurance plan.


If there is an agreement between you and the pet insurance company about some coverage. The company will compensate you after submitting the medical treatment bill if you have already paid the bill since there’s no cashless option available for pets. In India, a twenty percent co-payment is mandatory. For outpatient department visits, ten percent co-pay is mandatory.

Usually, standard coverage provided by insurance companies includes accidental issues. For instance, an emergency occurs from swallowing any material, getting injured due to an accident, etc. Moreover, certain diseases that you didn’t expect or observe, various surgeries like hip joint surgery, cataract, etc.

Some medications prescribed by the veterinarian fall under insurance coverage. Different blood-related tests and imaging tests fall under the coverage of some pet insurance.

You get coverage on terminal illness, surgery and treatment, post and pre-hospitalization services, and funeral and death cover.


There are different advantages of having pet insurance. Some of the benefits are pocket-friendly premiums, comprehensive coverage, and faster claim settlements.


There are a few things not included in the coverage. These are below:

  • Pre-existing diseases are not covered.
  • Types of needle therapy and therapy of water are not inclusive. The thirty-day waiting period is a usual norm.
  • You can submit any claim only after thirty days of opting for insurance.
  • Neutering is not facilitated in dog pet insurance.
  • Any type of vaccination is not inclusive too.
  • Dental treatment is not covered by Indian dog insurance.
  • Death or injury caused due to transportation is also not covered under any insurance plan.

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