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Thursday , June 13 2024
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Patiala MC Will Allow People To Legally Adopt Stray Dogs

The Municipal Corporation of Patiala is going to start an initiative to allow adoption of stray dogs and cattle by people. People will now be able to foster and adopt stray animals legally.

Recently, the corporation formed a committee that will draft the adoption policy of the stray animals. The policy will ensure that strays adopted by people are capable enough to keep them. There will be parameters that include space requirements, economic ability and the number of animals adopted.

Patiala MC Commissioner said that this will be the first of its kind step taken by any Municipal Corporation. The people who had always shown interest in the well-being of the strays and often are the voice of these stray dogs, will now have the opportunity to show cooperation and come forward to adopt these voiceless strays. MC will like to see people who always voice for strays safety, to come forward and adopt/foster.

Municipal Corporation Patiala will allow individuals in the city to take the stray animals’ home after signing a formal deed. The dogs on the street that were partially adopted by the residents, or people who feed them and treat them as family, now will have to legally adopt them and ensure that they won’t end up on the streets again.

Corporation is also going to do surprise checks to ensure that people are taking care of the strays properly.

Here is the statement from GS Khaira, Commissioner PMC:

“The policy is being drafted however a committee has been set up. The plans are underway to deal with stray animals and hence care takers will be given the animals after formal deeds. The Corporation will definitely take care with surprise checking at the residents or space where such animals will be kept by the care takers. The adoption process may include the collection of money from the residents monthly to take care of the stray animals and the alternate space for this also be looked out.”

What do you think about this step taken by Patiala MC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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