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Thursday , February 22 2024
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Over 90 Shih-Tzus Were Rescued
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Over 90 Shih-Tzus Were Rescued From ‘unsafe’ Home, Malnourished, And Covered In Faeces

The RSPCA is looking to re-home almost 100 shih-tzus and their pups after they were found neglected in a breeding house last year. The unseen animals were reported to be malnourished, infested with fleas and worms, and covered in faeces.

An appeal has been launched to find loving owners for the original 96 of the breed, found in unsafe conditions in Torquay, Devon, and around 50 that have been born since.

Spokesperson Sammy Howard said that they discovered the dogs due to a noise complaint by a resident nearby.

She said although 96 were rescued, there are now around 150 of them – as so many were pregnant at the time of the rescue.

After their rescue, last October, the vast collection of dogs was split and spread to different RSPCA branches to be rehabilitated and re-homed.

RSPCA Cornwall is now looking to re-home 13 of them. Now the dogs are being looked after at various RSPCA hubs; RSPCA Cornwall has said they have re-homed three of 13.

But the branch is now trying to find homes for the rest of the dogs forever. Many came to the shelter fearful due to their difficult start, so new owners must be patient and support the dogs as they go through training and socialization.

Sammy added: “They have had a tough start to life and will not just slot into a home and be grateful that someone took them on.

“They will be terrified and may take months before they start trusting people – which is a hard sell when asking someone to welcome a pup into their home. “We won’t give up hope that there are people out there for these dogs.”

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