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Thursday , February 22 2024
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Dog Rescued on Freeway

Nurse Makes Daring Rescue of Runaway Dog on LA Freeway

In Arleta, California, On a daily rush hour commute, an unexpected thing happened last week when a terrified dog started dodging traffic, leading to a rescue mission.

This dramatic rush-hour rescue has been captured on video, in which multiple helpful individuals and a heroic nurse picked up the dog. The other challenge that the dog faced after the rescue was being reunited with her owner.

Rush Hour Rescue

The video shows the people stopping their cars near a halt, coming out, and calling the frantic dog from the dangerous road. At last, the dog jumped into Amber Streid’s car, who is a cardiac nurse. 

She was heading home during rush hour after a 12-hour shift.

“I looked to the left of the carpool lane, and I saw this little guy running. He’s probably going, like, ten miles an hour. I just opened [the door] and for some reason, he just went right in,” 

Streid recounts a quick instinct and courageous action, which is called an act of heroism.

“A couple in a truck started clapping, and some guys in a white van started clapping. “Everybody was just happy that someone was able to get the dog,” 

Amber Streid noticed the dog bleeding, and she and her father, who watched the whole thing on live television, called a mobile veterinarian, Joan Winter, who arrived to inspect the dog.

After scanning the dog, Winter said, “[The dog] is lucky to be alive, but doesn’t look worse for the wear.” As he was unable to find a microchip.

“I do think she has an owner, as she looks pretty well fed. “She’s somebody’s pet,” she continued. And she was correct.

A Heartwarming Reunion

The dog who was rescued by Amber Streid and other good Samaritans has been named now: Pretty.

After the weekend with Streid and the other four dogs, which she had rescued before, Pretty was reunited with her grateful owner. Jay Segura stated that the dog was left with his in-laws and escaped through a hole in the fence.

Segura recounted watching her on the news alongside the freeway, “Seeing her look around on the T.V., it looked like she was looking for us still. “You know, it was heartbreaking.”

He said that he purchased a GPS collar to avoid losing her again. The best way to ensure your dog’s safe return is to microchip it and keep that microchip updated.

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