Mumbai Auto Driver Who Agrees To Drop Woman and Her Pet Dog
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Mumbai auto driver who agrees to drop woman and her pet dog home, Watch
Mumbai auto driver agrees to drop woman and her pet dog home in heartwarming video.

Mumbai Auto Driver Who Agrees To Drop Woman and Her Pet Dog Home, Watch

In a heartwarming incident captured in a widely shared video, an auto driver in Mumbai demonstrated exceptional kindness by agreeing to transport a woman and her pet dog to their destination. The video, which has garnered significant attention online, was posted on Instagram by a page known as Oscar and Karma.

The incident unfolded when the woman, accompanied by her canine companion, was searching for an auto-rickshaw following a visit to the veterinarian. Despite her efforts, she encountered several drivers who refused to accommodate a dog in their vehicles. However, her fortunes changed when she encountered an empathetic auto-rickshaw driver who allowed them to board and expressed his love for animals.


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The video, posted on the Instagram above page, features the woman narrating her experience of searching for an auto after her dog, Oscar, developed rashes on his lower body, rendering him unable to walk. The driver’s compassionate gesture is praised in the caption accompanying the post, which reads, “Superheroes don’t have wings. They are real people.

The video gained more than a million views, and social media users hailed the kind deed of the man.

“Angels do exist,” an Insta user wrote. Another user commented, “Please pay a bit extra if you can. The world needs to have and appreciate such people.”

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