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Merlin the Spaniel’s Remarkable Tale Reveals the Limited Understanding Humans Have of Dogs

On New Year’s Day, Merlin, a springer spaniel owned by Daniel Horsley, went missing from the front garden in Cumbria after exhibiting signs of distress. Despite a search effort involving a hundred people, drones, and thermal-imaging cameras, Merlin returned home unharmed after 16 hours. This incident underscored a fundamental truth – the ability of animals, particularly dogs, to bring people together.

Many overlook dogs’ unparalleled homing instinct, surpassing any human technology. A century ago, a collie cross named Bobbie showcased extraordinary homing abilities by covering approximately 3,000 miles in six months, returning to the Brazier family in Silverton, Oregon, after being lost during their holiday in Indiana.

Studies, such as those conducted by Dr. Bernhard Müller in 1965, have explored the mysterious navigation skills of dogs released far from home. Some dogs demonstrated a trance-like state, relying on the Earth’s north-south magnetic axis rather than scent or visual cues. A recent Czech study with 27 dogs found that one-third followed the Earth’s magnetic axis, explaining how a blind fox terrier could navigate between two homes in Bedfordshire in the 1930s.

While many remarkable stories exist, such as the Alsatian Barry covering 1,200 miles to return to his doorstep in Solingen, Germany, or Pero the collie finding his way back from Cumbria to his home farm in Wales, the underlying theme is the unwavering loyalty and love dogs have for their owners.

As a rule, dogs tend to return to their owners, while cats often return to their previous homes. However, exceptions like Cleo, a retriever-collie cross, who left her owners in Olathe, Kansas, to return to her former house in Lawson, Missouri, challenge this norm. Cleo’s microchip facilitated her reunion with her original family.

One of the most extraordinary tales involves the Irish terrier Prince during World War I. Missing from his London home, Prince tracked down his owner, Pte James Brown, in Armentières, France, becoming the regiment’s mascot and surviving the war alongside Brown. These stories, while puzzling in their exact science, consistently point to a simple and powerful explanation: love.

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