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Kelly Olynyk Locates Lost Dog

Kelly Olynyk Locates Lost Dog and Reunites It with Owner After Four Years of Disappearance

Utah Jazz forward-center Kelly Olynyk and his wife, Jackie, experienced unexpected events during their visit to San Antonio. While driving through the city on Christmas Day, they encountered a lone gray dog in a fast-food parking lot. Originally in town for a basketball game against the San Antonio Spurs, their plans detoured when the dog leaped into Jackie’s lap.

Realizing the dog had no tags, Jackie insisted on helping, stating, “If it was our dog missing, we’d want someone to help out.” Attempting to locate the owner, they discovered the dog, Harley, had a microchip. However, all animal shelters were closed. After consulting an emergency vet, they found the owner’s address but needed clarification when they arrived.

Undeterred, the Olynyks enlisted friends to help track down the owner through social media. While waiting for a response, they bought dog food and treats for Harley. Despite their hunger, they took Harley to their hotel room, where she became an unexpected dinner guest.

Eventually, a friend in San Antonio connected them with someone willing to take in Harley for the night. However, their attempts face obstacles as Harley escapes the backyard. Despite setbacks and emotional moments, the couple persevered and committed to finding Harley’s owner.

After ten hours of searching, they received a call from Harley’s owner, and the pieces fell into place. A short drive later, they reunited Harley with her owner, who revealed the dog had been stolen four years ago. The Olynyks, amazed by the twist of fate, continued communicating with Harley’s owner, even sending birthday presents.

Reflecting on the experience, Kelly Olynyk emphasized the importance of persistence, acknowledging that giving up at any point would have led to a different outcome.

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