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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Is It Okay to Get a Puppy During Pregnancy?

Is It Okay to Get a Puppy During Pregnancy?

The precise answer to this question would be a ‘NO’

Ideally, you would be advised against adoption. Every pet owner has a responsibility to execute. The responsibility lies in maintaining the proper well-being and health of your pet. We can understand that everyone needs emotional support during their journey of parenthood.

Hence, sharing some moments of bliss with your furry baby will make things memorable.  However, remember that your role as a pet parent is big and can never be ignored.

Owning a puppy when you are pregnant is quite a task considering your unpredictable health conditions during the different phases of pregnancy. However, most people looking up this question would get the pup anyway. For them, having a puppy while they are pregnant is not a big deal at all.

However, a lot depends on your health situation and how you feel during this phase of parenthood. Some women feel good when pregnant and have no issues walking their pups and being the primary person to take care of the dogs.

Benefits of getting a pup when you are pregnant 

The first benefit is that your pup and baby will grow up with each other. The sights and fun of the two growing up together will make things memorable too. Of course, you could wait until your kid grows up to be 4-5 years old. In that case, too, they can grow up together.

However, when your baby and puppy are the same age, it becomes all the more special to you. In some instances, the day they brought their pup home, the women found out they were pregnant.

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Your pup and baby might be the best of buddies

The pup and the baby will share a special bond. Babies love crawling over to dogs and hugging them. On the other hand, dogs show their affection toward their child. They do so, licking babies on their faces, hands, and feet, making the baby giggle as they feel happy.

Dogs love to watch over the kids when awake and prefer sleeping in their rooms if given a chance. You can let them sleep in the same room when the baby ages.

Your pup can prepare you in a way for when you have the newborn  

People tend to say that having a pup is like having a baby, as it takes a lot of hard work to tender the former. There are oppositions to such a theory, and proponents of such a view say that the work you need to do for a pup is nowhere near close to what you do for a baby. They say it simply does not compare – remember that these people have brought up both a pup and a newborn baby.

A way of leading life during pregnancy 

Some ladies are dog people in their families, and they plan to have a dog at some point, irrespective of whether they have a baby. For them, being on the waiting list for a puppy without knowing the time when they would get pregnant means they are in control of their lives. It continued their lives as they knew them – the normal way.

Reasons to not have a puppy while you are pregnant 

The first reason is that caring for a pup becomes more difficult when suffering from morning sickness. You could be down with morning sickness for a few weeks during your pregnancy, which lasts the entire day. If this is prime pup time, your four-legged baby is between 8 and 12 weeks old and needs plenty of attention and frequent potty breaks.

Hence, it can get tougher and quick to handle. In such cases, it would always be better if you were not the primary dog person in the family.

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You may not be able to walk your dog when you are pregnant 

The thing with ladies during pregnancy is that not all of them can maintain the same activity level at that time. The problem only gets compounded when you have to tend to a couple of dogs. Because you are already big at that time, it feels awkward to do many things. Most of the older pups are strong pullers. If your puppy is one of them, it can present more challenges for you.

You have to plan for dog care when you go into labor    

In some cases, this could mean having to send your puppy away to their breeders on a board and train program – you may have to do this a few weeks before you are due to give birth. That way, your baby would get all the training needed even as you adjust to the new life ahead of you. You can be sure it would work out just fine for all of you.

Once your baby is born, your pup is a lot of extra work 

Every pregnancy, newborn, and labor is different, but in many ways, it needs a lot of work during those periods. You may have no issues taking care of a pup and training them when pregnant. However, once your baby is born, it could become a lot of hard work because it may take longer to recover from the entire ordeal than you think. In such cases, it is always better when your spouse can take care of the dog.

You have less time to train the puppy 

You may have no free time to train your pup when your baby is born. It means you have to take time to train your puppy during that period. Hence, it would take a massive commitment. Young dogs and pups need a lot of work when learning basic manners and obedience – it can take up to 18 months to understand these things properly. At least, that is how long the sporting breeds such as Labs and Weimaraner need.

So, should you get a pup after or before a baby? 

You can get a pup after and before you have a baby – all you have to do is get the timing right. It means getting them either one year before pregnancy or one year following childbirth. It is better to avoid mistakes like getting a pup within the period we are talked about. However, even if you make this mistake, at least get the puppy before you give birth, as you would not have to spend time potty training them.

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Q: Can having a puppy during pregnancy be harmful?

A: While having a puppy during pregnancy is not harmful, there are potential risks associated with caring for a new pet while pregnant. These risks include exposure to zoonotic diseases and the physical demands of caring for a puppy. Consult with a healthcare provider and consider waiting until after the baby is born.

Q: Are there any benefits to having a puppy during pregnancy?

A: There may be some benefits to having a puppy during pregnancy, such as increased exercise and social support. However, it is important to consider the potential risks and consult with a healthcare provider before deciding.

Q: How can I reduce the risks of having a puppy during pregnancy?

A: To reduce the risks of having a puppy during pregnancy, practice good hygiene and avoid exposure to zoonotic diseases. Additionally, consider enlisting the help of a partner, family member, or friend to assist with the physical demands of caring for a puppy.

Q: What are the biggest problems with getting a puppy when you are pregnant?

A: Caring for a puppy is always hard when you suffer from issues common during pregnancy, such as morning sickness.

Q: What is the right time to get a puppy about pregnancy?

A: The best time to get a puppy is a year before or after pregnancy.


So, in the end, you shouldn’t get a pup when you are pregnant. However, this may not apply to you as you may have a better idea of dealing with having a baby and training a puppy. It is not impossible as the number of people who do this would not have attempted the same.

Accept that it is not going to be as easy and smooth as you hoped it would be. Therefore, plan out before you adopt a pup during pregnancy. We all like having pets. Hence, if you can adequately handle everything with some help and planning, you can certainly not affect having a healthy baby.

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