an in Agra releasing stray dogs from a municipal vehicle
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Internet divided over a video of a man in Agra releasing stray dogs from a municipal vehicle

Any person who acts in any way to lessen animal suffering is frequently referred to as an animal rights activist. This could be accomplished by taking drastic steps, like organizing protests or sit-ins, or by working with the federal government, and local government agencies to pass laws safeguarding animals.

Civic bodies collect and sterilize street dogs by the Prevention of Cruelty (Animal Birth Control) Rules, 2023, and the Animal Welfare Board of India’s regulations. Animal activists have repeatedly voiced opposition to releasing these canines back into the same area following their operation and recuperation.

In a similar spirit, a video that shows a biker releasing many pets from a car that belongs to the Uttar Pradesh city of Agra has gone viral. The internet community has responded to the incident, which was captured on camera and posted on X (previously Twitter), in different ways.

The video footage shows a man riding a bike chasing the Agra Municipal Corporation van that captured around eight or ten dogs before releasing them. The video was posted online on Saturday, January 27, and has received many views and comments.

The man lets the cage’s door open

The car was traveling at a regular speed on the highway, and a man on a bike was following it. As he gets near the van, the man opens the door of the cage that contains the dogs. The dogs began to exit the moving vehicle, and every dog being transported by the van managed to escape.

A man riding a bike follows the vehicle in the opening scene of the video. There was a cage with street dogs inside of it. They were probably supposed to be moved to another location. Gently, the man walked up to the vehicle, lowered the flap, and opened the cage door. The dogs appeared unsure at first whether to jump from the moving vehicle as the gates opened. But the animals started to jump out of the cage one by one and make their way out.

Internet Divided

The person who posted the video said, “Did the young man do something good or bad, in your opinion?” The phrases scribbled behind a panel on the vehicle led to the discovery that it belonged to the Agra Nagar Nigam.

While some X-users criticized the motorcyclist and called his actions a “good job,” others supported him. “He has to be placed under arrest! A user yelled, “Who knows how many people they’ve bitten?”

“This is incorrect; he has no idea where they are being taken. That’s why it’s essential to have both common sense and education. Another person agreed, saying that this person needs to face harsh consequences.

Wrong. People in the area where stray dogs inhabit are seriously threatened by them. A third person angrily remarked, “The municipality needs to take them to neutralize, otherwise dogs can bite people.”

Although the precise location of the incident is still unknown, it can be assumed that the video was filmed in Agra because the dog-carrying truck belongs to Agra Nagar Nigam.

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